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Shipping & Orders

When you shop online with us, you'll get the choice of Pick up or Shipping on your order. In most cases, choosing Pick up will not significantly reduce the time it takes for you to get your order. This is because we fulfill orders in the order in which they are placed, regardless of whether they're being shipped or picked up at our store, and delivery times within the Portland metro area are typically pretty speedy – depending on your schedule, sometimes quicker than you can find the time to drive to the store.

Pick up orders are subject to the same handling/processing/production timelines outlined here. If you choose Pick up, please wait for an email alerting you your order is ready for pickup before you come to the store.

The information that follows may be affected by periods of high demand. Read about Holiday order deadlines below.

All orders ship directly from our headquarters in Portland, OR. We work hard to produce and fulfill orders (ship them or prepare them for pickup) as quickly as possible. These timelines vary by product type and stock status.

B&I Fashion Jewelry

B&I Fine Jewelry

Products made by Others

In stock

Typically fulfilled within 2 business days of payment. Typically fulfilled within 2 business days of payment. Typically fulfilled within 2 business days of payment.

Out of stock

(Read more at Stock Alerts)

Orders with any out of stock line items may take up to 2-3 weeks to be made onsite by our Production team and then fulfilled. Much of our fine jewelry is made to order. The product page will indicate timelines for these items based on material availability and production time. Fear not! Our site won’t allow you to purchase these items. Please contact us about the possibility of placing a special order.

Carrier Time Frames
The times above only pertain to the time it takes a package to leave our hands, but do not include carrier transit time, which will vary by service, distance, and carrier. Carrier time frames indicated in shipping options selected during checkout come directly from the carriers and do not include these handling / processing / production times. Carrier time frames may or may not come with a guarantee. The only shipping method we offer that comes with a guarantee is the expensive one: UPS Next-day Air. All other services will indicate an estimated transit time, but that is not guaranteed by the carriers. See carrier terms on their respective websites for more information. We are not responsible for carrier delays in shipping.

Unless otherwise agreed to, we will wait to fulfill your order until every item in the order is ready, so your order’s shipping timeline will align with the longest lead time piece in your order. To avoid this delay, please place separate orders for items with different lead times.

As a very general estimation about timelines (and subject to everything above): your domestic shipment may be delivered within 1-4 business after it leaves our hands. If you are in a hurry to get your goods, please email or call us and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

We recommend USPS Ground Advantage or Priority shipping. It's fast, reliable, affordable, and trackable within the United States.

For delivery by December 24, 2023:

  • In-store Pickup: Order in-stock items by 11:59pm, Saturday, December 23
  • USPS Ground Advantage: Order in-stock items by 11:59pm, Friday, December 15
  • USPS Priority: Order in-stock items by 11:59pm, Sunday, December 17
  • UPS 3 Day Select: Order in-stock items by 11:59pm, Monday, December 18
  • UPS 2nd Day Air: Order in-stock items by 11:59pm, Tuesday, December 19
  • UPS Next Day Air: Order in-stock items by 11:59pm, Wednesday, December 20

    We set these deadlines by considering the deadlines carriers themselves provide, along with the time we need to process and pack your order. We guarantee we'll get your package to the carrier before their cutoff, but we can't guarantee what happens after the package leaves our hands. Please see Carrier Time Frames section above for more details.

    The best way to ensure delivery by the holidays is to order early or visit our brick & mortar store if you live in the Portland area so you can take your items home with you. If you order through the website, ordering in-stock items will help your order arrive more quickly. 

    Additional Information:

    All of our jewelry is packaged attractively by default, either in a recyclable metal tin, wooden fine jewelry box, or kraft box. Price tags are not typically removed.

    Non-jewelry items can be gift wrapped and price tags can be removed by request. In your cart prior to checkout, just select the option “This is a gift order,” and we’ll make sure there are no prices on your items and shipment paperwork. If you’d like for us to include a hand-written note, you can indicate that in the notes section on the same page.
    To indicate that your order is a gift after you’ve checked out, please contact us.
    We do ship internationally, but there are a few things you should know. You may not be able to track your package past the United States border. Shipping methods that provide door-to-door tracking can be incredibly expensive, depending on the destination country. Once the package leaves the United States, there can be as long as 2-3 weeks lag time until your package is delivered. The recipient (that's you) is responsible for any import taxes, duty, and/or fees due on the package, which can sometimes be expensive. We have no control over this extra cost. Packages will be marked Merchandise. We will not state that a package is a gift or state a reduced shipment value in order to help you avoid these fees.
    Yes, our insurance requires signatures at the following values to residential addresses: $1,000 or more - signature required. $3,000 or more - adult signature required. We cannot waive this requirement. Bear in mind if you are not there to sign for your package, carriers will leave a note, which could sometimes spoil a surprise 😬, so please address your shipments accordingly
    Sometimes you’ll get a notification that your package is out for delivery and it doesn’t arrive that day, or that it has been delivered and it hasn’t. Or sometimes, there’s just an unexplainable delay in shipping – it looks like your order is stuck at a distribution hub or immobile on a truck somewhere. No fun! Unfortunately, we can't see anything more than what you can see on your end. In the rare instances this type of thing happens, 99.9% of the time, the carrier does end up delivering the package. We’ll typically ask you to wait about 2 weeks from the shipment date before we can consider the package lost. Keep us posted on delivery status. In the unlikely event that it does vanish entirely, we'll make things right.

    Every once in a while, demand for the products we make in-house outpaces our ability to produce them. If lead times on a certain product will exceed 2 business days, our website will let you know by displaying a message below the Add to Cart button. When you see this, you can rest assured that we're already working to replenish our inventory to fill your order. Please see our Shipping Policies for timelines regarding orders that include these items.

    Refunds & Exchanges

    We offer a generous exchange policy. All items may be returned for store credit regardless of when the item was purchased. Additionally, fine jewelry may be returned for a full refund within 10 days. An item's eligibility for the full refund policy will be indicated at the bottom of the product detail page.

    General Limitations: Returned or exchanged items must be in pristine, unworn condition, and include all original packaging and tags. Only fine jewelry may be returned for a refund; see table below for details. Proof of purchase is required for all exchanges or refunds. There is no refund or reimbursement on shipping/handling charges. Though our policy allows for a lengthy exchange window, the passage of time can impact original condition, due to the absorption of odors or fragrances, development of tarnish/patina, discoloration, and other natural processes. Determination of original condition is ours to make. We reserve the right to restrict or reject exchanges on a case by case basis to prevent abuse of this policy.

    Fine Jewelry

    inFiinite™ Permanent Jewelry, Customized & Discounted Merchandise

    Fashion Jewelry & all other products, including Recast Fashion Jewelry

    Items may be returned for a full refund via the initial form of payment within 10 days of purchase or shipment delivery, whichever is later, and may be returned for store credit thereafter. An item's eligibility for this policy will be indicated at the bottom of the product detail page.

    Cash refunds are not offered. In the event a Fine Jewelry purchase was made with cash, a refund will be issued by check. Additional processing time may be needed to prepare such refunds. Proof of identity is required for refunds by check. Check refunds will not be issued to or payable to anyone other than the initial purchaser.

    Refunds for Care Plans may be prorated if required by our partner, Jewelers Mutual.
    All sales are final on permanent jewelry, discounted, modified, and custom-made merchandise. We do not offer refunds or exchanges on these items. Items may be exchanged for store credit regardless of when the item was purchased. Refunds are not offered.

    Begin an Exchange

    Care Maintenance & Repairs

    Permanent jewelry, like permanent hair dye or permanent markers, will age and degrade as time passes and the jewelry comes in contact with your body's chemistry and other environmental stressors. With proper care, we expect that your permanent jewelry will last many months or years. In the event that your inFiinite™ bracelet, anklet, or necklace breaks, we may be able to reattach it for a small fee.
    We sell hair-pairs for all Betsy & Iya earrings in the current collection! Retired Betsy & Iya styles may or may not be repeatable depending on material availability. Other designers we stock may not offer half pairs, though most do. To get the ball rolling, you can either fill out this Half Pair form or give us a call at 503-227-5482, option 3.

    Not to fear – we almost definitely can repair it.

    Added bonus: most fashion jewelry repairs are free! Yup, you read that right. We’ll repair Betsy & Iya fashion jewelry that you break for free. Why? Because we’d rather make you one pair of earrings you'll love and feel great in for years than 10 pairs you'll only kinda like. We do not work on jewelry we didn’t originally make or facilitate repairs for any jewelry we didn’t originally sell you. Additional limitations apply.

    Read more about Fine jewelry repairs.

    Begin a Repair

    You may bring your fine jewelry in for these services as frequently as you like, but we recommend it once every six months or so. If you notice any damage or wear and tear to your ring, including stones which have become loose in their settings, we recommend you stop wearing it and contact or bring it to us as soon as possible to avoid further damage.
    We offer complimentary cleanings and inspections to the original owner for the life of the piece of fine jewelry. Why? Because jewelry is not indestructible, and just like a car or other valuable possessions, it will last longer when it’s properly maintained and cared for. These free cleanings and inspections help us keep your ring shipshape by catching small issues before they turn into big ones.

    When we clean and inspect your jewelry, we will provide for your consideration and approval a quote listing any repairs or maintenance items we recommend be performed. We’ll wait for your approval before we perform any work on your fine jewelry and we’ll walk you through each line of it if you’d like.

    If you have a Care Plan, maintenance is free for the original owner for the life of the piece (depending on which plan you purchased). Other terms and conditions may apply. See fine print in the Care Plan documentation you are provided with at the time of purchase.

    If you didn’t purchase a Care Plan with your fine jewelry, we will charge you directly for materials and repair & maintenance services. Due to the complexity of our repair price list, we do not publish it, but our repair and maintenance fees are competitive with those of other jewelers.

    Our free repairs service applies only to Betsy & Iya fashion jewelry. Within this category, we also distinguish between repairs for breaks, and maintenance for wear & tear. Our free repair service is not meant to address normal wear and tear (like scuffs, stretching, or other signs of age that occur slowly over time) or take the place of regular maintenance (including removing tarnish and other things you can do at home).

    These free repairs will not restore your jewelry to like new condition, but rather restore it to its condition just before it broke. We’re happy to help you keep your jewelry in like new condition (refinishing and polishing, or addressing other normal wear and tear issues, like straightening out bends), but we will charge a modest fee for these services. We reserve the right to limit free repairs on a case by case basis to prevent abuse of this service.

    If your broken B&I jewelry has served you valiantly and it’s just time to say goodbye, be sure to check out Recast, our buy-back program, where we buy back your Betsy & Iya jewelry (even if it’s broken), clean it up, fix it, and resell it at a discount.

    We don’t repair other designers’ jewelry or non-jewelry products we sell. If you bought it from us initially, we are happy to help connect you with the designer to facilitate the repair. Most of our other designers charge for repairs. Of course, if your product has broken due to a defect, we will work with you to make this right without charge. For jewelry you didn’t buy from us initially, we can refer you to a few places around town that might be able to help you with a repair.

    Due to the high value and expert skill involved, fine jewelry does not qualify for free repairs beyond complimentary cleanings and inspections unless you purchased a Care Plan when you bought your fine jewelry from us. If you do not have a Care Plan, we will charge you a reasonable fee to cover labor and materials needed to repair fine jewelry you purchased from us.

    Begin a Repair

    Tarnish occurs naturally when certain metals are exposed to air and moisture. Tarnish can occur (at different rates and intensities) in silver, brass, bronze, gold and gold-filled, and plated metal. We love the patina our metals develop and typically don't polish our own brass, silver, and bronze jewelry.

    We use a wax-based sealant on some of our jewelry to slow the rate of tarnish and mitigate fingerprints, but we do not use electrolytically applied nanopolymers or polyurethane sealants that exist because we don’t like how these finishes age. We’ve seen metal begin to tarnish underneath the seals or seen the seals chip off or break down unevenly, which results in very difficult to clean, unattractive finish. Our raw metals will tarnish, but they can also be easily restored to their original luster. This workability is why we choose raw, unsealed metals.

    Read about removing tarnish at home.
    Read about tarnish in gold.
    Jewelry is not indestructible. No matter how careful you are, as you wear your jewelry, you will begin to notice some or all of the following: scratches, dents, bends, worn metal, dullness or tarnish, dirt or grime around stones or other areas with crevices, gaps, engraving, texture, or other perfect gunk hiding spots. This applies to both fine and fashion jewelry.

    Why and how does this happen? Three main reasons:
    • Rubbing, knocking, or pressing against things (obvious things like walls, doors, etc., but also other jewelry, clothing, bike handlebars, dumbbell bars, even bedsheets… basically anything you hold or brush up against)
    • Exposure to natural elements like the air, moisture, skin/sweat/body chemistry. Read more about tarnish.
    • Exposure to other chemicals from bath/body products, pools/hot-tubs, even off-gassing in manufactured products.
    We stand behind our jewelry and expect that with proper care, your Betsy & Iya jewelry will last for years to come. Jewelry is not indestructible and will stay beautiful longer by adhering to our Care & Maintenance tips.

    We offer the following warranties based on product type:

    B&I Fine Jewelry

    B&I Fashion Jewelry

    inFiinite™ Permanent Jewelry

    Products made by others

    We offer a non-transferable one-year warranty on workmanship defects in our fine jewelry. We cannot warrant work performed by other jewelers (including resizing), and any such work will void our warranty.
    We offer complimentary cleanings and inspections.

    We also offer Lifetime Care Plans that cover a wide array of jewelry repairs (but not loss or theft) and nationwide access to repairs. These plans are offered with the purchase with our fine jewelry and backed by Jewelers Mutual. 

    We do not offer a warranty on our fashion jewelry, but we do offer free repairs with some limitations. Due to the inherent risk of stretching and snagging with permanent jewelry, we do not offer a warranty or free repairs on these products. If your inFiinite™ jewelry breaks, we may be able to reattach it for a small fee.  Warranties vary by maker.

    Outside of warranties, our general approach with customer service is that we want you to be happy with your purchase and we expect all products we sell to last a normal time with normal care by you. If there’s a product defect, we’ll work to make it right. If you damage a product or it ages with normal wear and tear, we’ll also work to make it right, but there may be reasonable charges for the latter and the definition of “make it right” may vary depending on which scenario we’re helping you with.
    There are a lot of things you can do to safely clean your jewelry at home. What you do depends on the materials.

    For use on

    Not for use on

    Notes and How to

    Polishing cloths

    Sterling silver, gold, gold-filled, brass, bronze, copper, glass/mirrors, and more

    Pieces with a polished finish or where a polished finish is desired.

    Plated metal.

    Pieces with a matte or brushed finish - cloths may overshine these finishes.

    Simply rub the cloth on the material you’re hoping to clean or polish. Polishing cloths take a little elbow grease. Don’t be afraid to put some oomph into it.

    Cloth will turn black as it removes tarnish and can continue to be used even when it appears very dirty. In our shop, we basically use them until they're in tatters. If cloth stops polishing, it's time for a new cloth.

    Each cloth is impregnated with special chemical cleansing agents and non-scratching micro-abrasives and should not be washed.

    Warm water, mild soap, and a soft toothbrush or non-abrasive cloth

    Sterling silver, gold, gold-filled, brass, bronze, copper.

    Pieces with a matte finish.

    Pieces with a high polish finish - even the softest toothbrushes and cloths can leave micro abrasions which can dull jewelry with a high polish finish.

    Plated metal may also be damaged by soft toothbrushes.

    Let your piece soak in warm water and gentle soap for at least 15 minutes, then use a soft non-abrasive cloth (100% cotton or microfiber) and/or a soft toothbrush to gently wipe and clean metal and stones. Dry thoroughly. 

    Windex and a soft, non-abrasive cloth

    Plated metal.

    Won’t hurt other types of metal, but the methods above will likely be more effective.

    Softer or porous stones.

    Apply a squirt of Windex to the metal. Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth (100% cotton or microfiber) to wipe clean.

    Plated metal is difficult to clean. Remember we’re here to help if you’ve got stubborn patina.

    General notes:
    • None of the tips we’ve given here will damage your jewelry beyond repair, but clean your jewelry at your own risk. Take special care around fiber or leather components, and painted or epoxied areas of jewelry. These tips are meant to be safe for metal and most stones, not other materials.
    • Cleaning is not equivalent to refinishing. In fact, some of these cleaning methods may result in a brighter or duller finish than your piece originally came with. Bring refinishing jobs to us.
    • Do not attempt to clean chemically oxidized surfaces (darker metal parts).
    • Do not use polishing cloths on plated metal as they can be damaged by the abrasiveness of the cloth.
    • Don’t use chemical dips. We don't recommend it and we cannot be responsible for any damage caused by dip polishing your jewelry. We've seen chains become brittle and break after being dipped. Additionally, dip can react in unpredictable and sometimes unfortunate ways with oxidized, wax-sealed, and painted surfaces.
    • Be careful with other home remedies you may find on the internet. Not all cleaning methods are safe for all materials. We don’t share cleaning methods that are safe for some materials and could damage others. When in doubt, get in touch with us first.
    Basically, if you can remember the event that caused the issue, that’s probably damage. If one day, you just looked at your jewelry and noticed it not looking super fresh, that could be wear and tear. We can usually help with both, or there are things you can do on your own.

    Damage can include:
    • Bent/deformed metal
    • Deep metal dents or scratches
    • Stone cracks, scratches, splinters, chips
    • Weakened prongs or loose stones
    • Stretched or snapped chain
    Oxidization refers to an intentional color and texture we apply to some pieces. On brass, oxidization is black in color (and on iron, it’s red – AKA, rust. 🌈 The more you know!). You’ll see oxidation used in the recessed etchings on our bridge cuffs, and in stripes and chevrons on many of our fashion pieces, for example. Just like rust, oxidization will wear away with time, especially on non-recessed surfaces. We can reapply oxidization your Betsy & Iya jewelry for a small fee.
    Your day-to-day activities affect how rapidly your jewelry ages or shows signs of wear and tear. Simply: the less you expose your jewelry to the sources of normal wear and tear, the slower it will show signs of wear and tear. Basically: don’t let it rub up against things, including other jewelry, and limit its exposure to natural elements and chemicals.

    Humidity, chemicals, hairspray, and perfume can be your jewelry's archenemies, so spray first, accessorize second, and keep your jewels out of the bathroom, shower, kitchen sink, hot tub, sprinkler, monsoon. All of this applies whether you’re wearing or storing your jewelry. We also recommend removing jewelry before working out or getting sweaty, as sweat from different body chemistries can cause different reactions with metal. Chlorine and other pool/hot tub chemicals can be particularly damaging to certain metals and may permanently ruin your jewelry.

    A few activities we’ve seen end poorly for jewelry:
    • Sleeping in jewelry - Obviously an issue for earring and necklaces, but also for rings and bracelets too: the constant friction between sheets and metal as one sleeps can cause rings to wear down over time. They can also get caught on bedding without one realizing it.
    • Stacking jewelry - Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about a good stack. But you should know that stacked rings and bracelets are more likely to rub against each other, which can affect the finish of these pieces over time.
    • Climbing, mountain biking, cycling, spin workouts, weight lifting - activities which put strain on your hands and can cause metal to bend or wear down. Earrings and necklaces may get caught or bent, metal that’s sweated on can react to body chemistry.
    • Hot tubbing, pools, hot springs, cleaning house with any sort of cleaning product (natural or non) - you just never know what’s in cleaning supplies or chemically treated water and how it will react to your jewelry.
    • Difficult hikes, saunas, strenuous physical exertion and activity - metal that’s sweated on can react to body chemistry and of course strenuous activity poses a risk of bends and snags.
    • Washing dishes or your hands - be especially careful when wearing rings with oxidized areas, soft stones, and painted or epoxied components, but even rings without these characteristics can be affected by water or different soaps. Sometimes this is preferred; your rings get cleaned. Over time, it can change the finish by burnishing away a more matte finish or adding tiny micro abrasions to high polished finishes.
    • Gardening, beach activities, making things like ceramics - grit, sand, and other abrasives can damage stones and metal.

    It’s not guaranteed that doing any of the above will cause harm to your jewelry, but it’s possible. The jewelry we make is made to last, but not indestructible. Basically, when in doubt, remove your jewelry. Be most careful with pieces that include inlay, fine chains, very thin wires and fibers.
    Yup! But that said, our alloys will likely never show noticeable tarnish because it happens very slowly. This is true of gold alloys used by all jewelers, not just our gold.

    Why? Pure gold (24k) does not tarnish or react with the air. But 24k gold isn’t used in jewelry applications due to its softness and malleability. To make it more suitable for jewelry applications, gold alloys are created with a mixture of other metals (like copper, silver, and others) which are added for color, durability, and/or desired physical or chemical performance. These other reactive metals are what causes tarnish in gold alloys; however, gold alloys will tarnish more slowly than brass, bronze, sterling silver, or copper. Gold alloys with higher gold content will tarnish slower than alloys with lower gold content, but again, our alloys will likely never show noticeable tarnish because it happens very slowly no matter the alloy.

    Materials & Ethical Sourcing

    It means we really kick the tires when we vet our suppliers. We look for companies, both big and small, who think and operate like we do. This comes down to two broad categories:

    1) Certification by one or more of the jewelry and/or manufacturing organizations who set standards, audit, and certify companies for ethical, environmentally conscious & sustainable, socially responsible, conflict-free, fair labor, and human rights-centered business practices (Responsible Jewellery Council, SCS Global Services, and/or Fair Trade Gems). This is often only feasible for the larger, national suppliers we work with.
    2) In other cases, this means choosing local or regional options and prioritizing doing business with small family-owned companies where we often work directly with the owners, come to know them on a personal level, and can see with our own eyes that they care about the type of business they run, its impact on the world, and doing right by their employees and customers.

    At least 92% of our spending on jewelry materials comes from these two types of companies – 78% from larger certified companies (1) and 14% from smaller, local or family-owned operations. Of the remaining 7.45% of materials spending, a significant chunk is with companies whom we don’t order from often enough (less than $1000 per year) to classify confidently into group (1) or (2), but who may in fact qualify.

    We work hard to buy non-jewelry materials (like office supplies, consumables, shipping supplies, etc) first from local or regional suppliers, then from US-based suppliers, and from Amazon only as a last resort. We value people above profits and expect the same from our vendors, suppliers, and partners.

    For fine jewelry, if you are shopping in person, you may be able to select your stone depending on inventory, but it is not a guarantee as this is highly dependent on our supply chain and what is in stock at the time. 

    For fashion jewelry, you may select your stone from the current finished inventory. We do not re-set stones. 

    If you would like us to use stones you already own or if you’d like to pick your own white or black diamond stone, we absolutely offer these services with our custom jewelry process.

    It comes down to demand. The global market for white diamonds is huge compared to that for colored and salt & pepper diamonds. Bigger markets and higher demand do at least three things we aren’t comfortable participating in: 1) larger monetary incentives can perpetuate ethically questionable business practices. 2) larger markets are innately more difficult to regulate and track than smaller ones. 3) the bigger the mine, the worse its effect on the environment. The smaller the mine, the easier it is to mitigate negative environmental impacts.

    Even still, we take sourcing very seriously for all earth mined stones we use, both precious and semi-precious. Read more about our Ethical Supply chain.
    Yes, but it’s complicated. In short, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme has drawn criticism from many human rights groups for failing to deliver on its promise to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the market. So while all of our earth mined diamonds are KP certified, we go further. All our stones are even more conflict-free and traceable than the Kimberley Process certification can guarantee on its own. Read more here.
    Salt & pepper diamonds are naturally occurring earth diamonds with lots of inclusions. Inclusions are just little bits of non-diamond material, small feather fractures, or small cavities inside the stones (or a combination of all three). Sometimes these inside-the-stone inclusions can reach the surface. These inclusions, though responsible for lowering the traditional market value of salt & pepper diamonds, are a positive, value-adding thing in our view for several reasons.

    Why? These diamonds are 100% unique. They’re also beautiful. They also buck the industry-created demand for high ratings on the “4 Cs.” The 4 Cs system, after all, was invented by the diamond industry to support diamond valuation. The more “pure” and large the stone, the more expensive it is. And this system is often used by traditional jewelry stores to talk you into buying a more expensive stone without an obvious or meaningful difference in appearance to anyone without a jeweler’s loupe between their eye and your stone. Inclusions are what the industry has said makes a stone less valuable, but at Betsy & Iya, we celebrate these unique and beautiful stones.

    In fact, we don’t always find white diamonds as beautiful as diamonds with inclusions. We believe the beauty of our earth is in its variety, in the surprises that result from different circumstances. What’s more beautiful? The purity of the sun at noon on a cloudless day or the rich variety of colors and textures of the sun as it’s setting amidst clouds, breezes, and flocks of birds, over untamed waters, each wave and ripple glinting back a multitude of sparkles and colors. That’s not to say we don’t find white diamonds beautiful. We do. And we find included diamonds beautiful. And we will never try to upsell you because of a rating that primarily exists on paper or shame you for finding beauty in a stone that doesn’t come with a high 4C marks. If you think it’s beautiful, it is. Plus, you’ll be able to choose your favorite salt & pepper stone from our inventory if you’d like to.

    Finally, the “lower value” of salt & pepper diamonds means fewer incentives for ethically questionable business practices all the way up and down the supply chain, from mine to market.
    Lab grown diamonds are physically, chemically, thermally, structurally, and aesthetically the exact same as earth diamonds, it’s just that they’re made in a lab instead of mined from the earth, making them 100% traceable and conflict-free. We believe the beauty and value of our fine jewelry designs don’t diminish with the incorporation of lab grown diamonds, but are amplified and elevated by them. Knowing you can trust the ethical value of the designs you are purchasing to symbolize such important moments in your life adds to the value of the piece.
    Yes. We only buy stones from vendors who adhere to ethical business and production practices. We always choose only traceable, conflict-free stones, whether they’re lab-grown or earth mined and only use lab-grown white diamonds in our Ready to Wear fine jewelry. All earth diamonds exceed the criteria of the Kimberley Process certification. For our custom work, if you have your heart set on a white earth diamond, we have access to many beautiful recycled/estate earth diamonds that you can feel good about choosing. The semi-precious gemstones in our fashion jewelry are also traceable and conflict-free.

    Read more about our commitment to an ethical supply chain.
    OMG, your finger is about to fall off! (We're kidding.) Don’t worry – some people's body chemistry reacts with brass and bronze this way. It can even be affected by what you've eaten that day, by body products or lotions, or sweat from a recent workout! The good news is that there's nothing harmful about the reaction; in fact, some people use it to gauge their body's copper levels. You can reduce the likelihood of this reaction by avoiding moisture when wearing your jewelry, so take it off before you shower, wash your hands, work out, or have a sauna dance party.

    If the green is on your jewelry, it can be removed with an at-home cleaning method.
    We've built a network of US-based, values-aligned contractors who perform certain processes of jewelry manufacturing for certain pieces. The amount we lean on this network fluctuates, especially at times of high demand. We aim to do as much production in-house as possible and no matter what is done offsite, our internal team's hands touch every single piece of our jewelry in some way.
    Right here! We’re proud to run an open production studio, located in the same building as our retail shop. We offer tours by request so that you can see the care and energy that goes into your jewelry and the real people that care and energy comes from. It is here that every piece of our fine and fashion jewelry is designed, prototyped, engineered, tested, and handcrafted by our team of talented makers. We do outsource certain processes to our vetted manufacturing partners.
    Yes. We capture and reuse as much gold as possible, down to the tiny particles created when setting stones and applying final finishes. We recycle what can’t be easily reused. Same for silver, brass, and bronze: we capture and recycle as much as possible.

    We repurpose damaged diamonds and other stones for use in different settings (like inlay) or sell them to companies who will recut or reprocess them into industrial grade diamond bits (for saw blades, etc).

    Finally, we run Recast, where we’ll buy back your used Betsy & Iya jewelry, clean it up, fix it, and resell it at a discount.
    Rhodium plating is common in the fine jewelry industry. It results in a brilliant, bright white finish. You’ll notice our white gold pieces have a warmer, less blingy look than white gold pieces you might see elsewhere. That’s because we don’t rhodium plate our white gold.

    We don't love rhodium plating for a few reasons. First, the waste created by the plating process isn't great for the environment. Secondly, plating- no matter how thick- wears with time. That bright, white finish will need to be reapplied every 1-2 years, which adds ongoing cost, items on your to-do list, and creates additional environmental impact. But the biggest reason we don't rhodium plate is because we like our 14k white gold just the way it is.

    Yes, it’s true. Some people are allergic to the metal nickel. Good news! Almost all Betsy & Iya jewelry has no nickel added. Any Betsy & Iya piece that does have nickel added intentionally will have this information clearly displayed on the product listing.

    While most alloys we work with do not have nickel intentionally added, there is a possibility there may be minute amounts of nickel present as a trace element. This is true of all jewelry from all designers and manufacturers. This is why we use the verbiage no nickel added instead of nickel free. Except for people with very severe nickel allergies (you’ll know without a doubt if this is you), no nickel added is functionally interchangeable with nickel free.

    To inquire about non-Betsy & Iya jewelry materials, please contact us.

    General FAQs

    inFiinite™ permanent jewelry welding appointments typically take about 30 minutes or less. First, you'll pick your chain and charms (10-15 minutes). Then we'll cut the chain and attach any charms you selected (5-10 minutes). Finally, we'll weld it securely in place (3 minutes).

    We can weld up to two inFiinite™ chains per appointment, so feel free to bring a friend or double up for yourself! If you're coming in a group larger than two or want more than two chains for yourself, please book multiple consecutive appointments – one appointment for every two chains.

    Yes, while the idea is for the piece to be permanent, it can be easily removed by snipping the chain with a pair of snippers. If you do remove your permanent jewelry, try to snip it at the jump ring if one was used, which will like slightly different than the other links in the chain.

    You can always come back to us to have inFiinite™ jewelry reattached for a small fee as long as the chain is in good condition.

    Permanent jewelry involves creating custom-fit bracelets, anklets, or necklaces that are welded together, offering a clasp-free, seamless piece of jewelry. It's a unique and personal way to wear jewelry without worrying about losing it or taking it off.

    Yes! We are happy to resize jewelry we made. Certain styles have a limited range of resizing possible and may require an exchange. Resized rings become final sale items. Resizing performed by us will have no effect on the warranty the piece originally came with, unless otherwise stated to you in writing. Resizing done by other jewelers will void our warranty.

    A fee will be assessed for fine jewelry resizing unless you purchased a Care Plan. There are limitations on Care Plan resizing that restrict resizing for a certain period of time after the initial purchase.

    We do not work on other designers' jewelry, including repairs or resizing, but we can refer you to a few jewelers in Portland we trust to do this type of work.

    We can appraise fine jewelry you’ve bought from us for insurance purposes. We do not appraise jewelry you purchased elsewhere unless you are working with us on a custom project and repurposing an existing piece. In those circumstances, we are happy to appraise the piece you are repurposing. Please contact us directly for more information.
    When Betsy was a little girl, she called her big sister Iya. “Ashlyn” was just too much to handle. Ashlyn inspires Betsy with her beauty and poise. Think of Iya as a silent partner who whispers secrets to Betsy that balance your favorite jewelry on that beautiful precipice of spunk and grace.
    Maybe! If you said “Bet-see,” then you’re halfway there. If you said “Eye-yuh,” then you win. All together now! “Bet-see and Eye-yuh!” Woohoo!
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    Sure! Please use our contact form to introduce yourself. Make sure you attach images (or point us to a website with good images), and include pricing and all other pertinent wholesale information. We do not look at products in the shop without first looking at your product digitally. Please do not come by the shop with product without an appointment first.