Beautiful things
made by people who care.

A little about us

We make our jewelry by hand at our shop in Portland.

Ethically Sourced & Made

We aim to amplify and celebrate beauty, strength and connection of all people.

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Open 11am - 6pm // Every day

1777 NW 24TH AVE


Morning Dove Barranger

As the owner of Coral Story Beauty, Morning Dove Barranger recalls the journey it took to get there. “The 'story' part of the name is in it because everybody has their own journey, and my whole business started because of an unexpected journey I went on. When I think about a coral reef, it’s an ecosystem that creates a community. That’s the beauty part.”

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Lindsey Murphy

Lindsey Murphy has been a whirlwind force in the Portland community, known around town for her YouTube presence, hosting TEDx, being named 40 under 40 in Portland Business Journal, and more. “For 10 years, I lived from the outside in and it didn't work. And now I live from the inside out, and it is everything. And people are longing to know how to do it.”

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Custom Designed Jewelry

We focus on really listening to your story & style and allowing that to guide a uniquely personalized design process.

More about us

Values Matter

Our business doesn’t begin & end with the swipe of your credit card.

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Ethically Sourced

Traceable, Recycled, and Conflict-free. And that's just the beginning.

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Our Studio

From design to casting to stone setting & assembly. We do it all in our Portland studio.

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