We love it when you love us.  Because of that, we run a pretty fantastic rewards program for all purchases you make with us*.  Read on for more information.

How it Works

SHOP Every dollar you spend* earns you 1 point. Points = coupons (more on this later).
SIGN UP Give us your name and email address when you buy something in our brick & mortar shop. Online shoppers are automatically added to the program (don’t worry, you can always opt-out).
ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT A day or so after you make your first purchase with us, Perkville will send you an email inviting you to register with them to manage your points (if you haven’t already registered). Click the link in this email and follow their instructions to sign in to your Perkville dashboard.**
TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT US Once you’ve signed into Perkville, spread the news! From your Perkville account, you’ll be able to earn bonus points for talking about us on Facebook and Twitter or referring us to your friends via email.
CREATE YOUR COUPONS When you’ve saved up enough points, redeem them for money off your next purchase with us. Just sign in to your Perkville account to create coupons (or Perks). Once you’ve created a coupon, either print it and bring it with you or show it to us on your smartphone at the shop, or use it online by typing the Coupon Code located under the barcode on the Perk into the Discount Code section of our website during checkout.
KEEP SHOPPING You’ll earn points on every qualifying purchase you make with us*, including purchases on which you use Perks or other coupons! Points never expire, but once Points are redeemed or converted into Perks, an expiration date may apply, so we recommend creating Perks just before you plan to shop with us again.

Ready to Reward yourself?

It’s easy! Sign in to Perkville here.


Q: I bought something from you a few days ago and I haven’t received additional Perkville points. What gives?
A: Points can take 24-48 hours to transfer from our system to Perkville. If you don’t see additional Perkville points in your Perkville dashboard 3 days after making your purchase, please call or email us and we’ll be happy to look into it.
Q: I got points, but for an amount that’s different from what I actually spent. Why is that?
A: Points are not awarded for shipping expenses, the purchase of gift cards, or on fine or custom jewelry.*
Q: I never got an account activation email from Perkville. How can I claim my points and make coupons?
A: Not to worry! You can register with Perkville to manage your points and coupons without the Activation email. Just click here, click Join, and enter the email address you gave us when you shopped with us to get started.
Q: I forgot the email/password for my Perkville account. Can you help?
A: If you know your email, but have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking the Forgot Password link here. If you’ve forgotten the email address you gave us during checkout, call or email us and we can look that up for you.
Q: I have used more than one email address with you and now I have two separate Perkville accounts. How do I merge accounts?
A: Just call or email us and we can merge the two accounts for you.

Fine Print

* – Rewards Program is not available to wholesale customers, purchases of fine or custom jewelry, for shipping expenses, or on the purchase of gift cards. There may be other limited product types or promotional circumstances which will exempt a certain transaction or portion thereof from earning rewards points. These cases will be limited, at our sole discretion, and may or may not be clearly identified as such. Points are awarded to the customer who uses a gift card as a payment method, but not on the initial purchase of the gift card.
** – Perkville will email you to activate your account with them once per week for four weeks after your first purchase, but if those initial emails are ignored, Perkville will automatically stop emailing you.
*** – Points are deducted when refunds are issued.
**** – Only one Perk/Coupon may be used per transaction.