Our Values

Our business doesn’t begin and end with the swipe of your credit card. Our mission is to amplify and celebrate beauty, strength, and connection of all people, not just people within our four walls and not just those who spend money with us.

Our Team

We're pro-human flourishing.

• Our company-wide wage floor is $20/hour and we prioritize annual increases for hourly employees for five years in the same role.

• We value peace of mind, body, and portfolio with benefits that include paid mindfulness breaks, employer sponsored health insurance, and employer matched 401k.

• We love family time, creativity time, linger-over-a-cup-of-coffee-and-a-good-book time. Full time starts at 4 days per week. Employees can choose to work more. 

We believe in being good humans by genuinely caring about and contributing to the well-being of ourselves, our co-workers, our customers, and our community.


We're anti-fast fashion. We love plants, forests, and beaches. We believe our business practices should reflect this.

• We offer free repairs. We'd rather make you one pair of earrings you'll love and feel great in for years than 10 pairs you'll only kinda like. Some limitations apply. 1

• We keep our land filled with more beauty with Recast™, the Betsy & Iya Buy-back program.

• We've built an ethical & sustainable supply chain. We incorporate recycled metal in our work as much as possible and recycle 100% of our scrap. We are only using lab-grown white diamonds and ethically sourced salt & pepper and black earth diamonds in our fine jewelry.

We love plants, forests, and beaches. We believe our business practices should reflect this.

Our Products

We're pro-local goods. We sell Beautiful things made by people who care®, not products made oceans apart from their designers. They're made here, because here is special wherever it is.

• It starts with us. Every piece of Betsy & Iya jewelry is designed and made in our Portland studio. 2

• High standards for our friends. Other products we carry are made by their designers or in close proximity to them. Many of our lines include a charitable component.

• We share our platform and prioritize doing business with BIPOC, women, and LGBTQIA artists and designers.

We provide free repairs because we'd rather sell you one pair of earrings you'll love for years than 10 pairs you'll kinda like. 1


We believe a rising tide lifts all boats. From our earliest days when it was just Betsy in a tiny studio, we’ve given back.

• Since 2008, we've donated $62,571 cash + over $51k in jewelry and gift certificates to hundreds of organizations, causes, schools, individuals, and nonprofits devoted to social equity. And we're just getting started.

• We write and publish Brilliant Cuts™, profiles of community members who inspire us to hang in and ride out the rocky road that leads us to our dreams, or sometimes a dream we never knew we had.

• We buy locally and use Amazon only as a last resort. We refuse to be part of a race to the bottom. We value people above profits and expect the same from our vendors, suppliers, and partners.

We aim to go beyond not only in our work, but within and outside of our community.

1. Due to the high value and expert skill involved, fine jewelry does not qualify for free repairs beyond complimentary cleanings and inspections. We do not work on jewelry we did not originally manufacture and other jewelry brands we sell may charge for repair service. We reserve the right to limit free repairs on a case by case basis to prevent abuse of this service.

2. We've built a network of US-based, values-aligned contractors who perform certain processes of jewelry manufacturing for certain pieces. The amount we lean on this network fluctuates, especially at times of high demand. We aim to do as much production in-house as possible and no matter what is done offsite, our internal team's hands touch every single piece of our jewelry in some way.