Everything old is renewed again.

Keep our land filled with more beauty. Shop previously loved jewelry in our Recast collection.


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How does Recast™ work?

Time passes and your style changes, you have too much jewelry, you're refreshing your wardrobe. For whatever reason, you decide it's time to part with your beloved piece of B&I jewelry. We've got you covered.

Recast send

Send your B&I jewelry to us with our free Buy Back kit.

We'll issue you a store credit based on its value and condition. Use your credit for anything in our store, new or bought-back.

recast clean

We inspect and clean every piece of jewelry we buy back and make it ready for its new owner.

recast sell

Once it passes our Quality Control checks, it's made available for sale. If it can't pass QC checks, we'll recycle it!

recast happiness

Someone else buys it and loves it and wears it all the time and gets tons and tons of compliments... and the cycle repeats itself!

Ready to send something in?

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