What do you charge for fine jewelry repairs and maintenance?

We offer complimentary cleanings and inspections to the original owner for the life of the piece of fine jewelry. Why? Because jewelry is not indestructible, and just like a car or other valuable possessions, it will last longer when it’s properly maintained and cared for. These free cleanings and inspections help us keep your ring shipshape by catching small issues before they turn into big ones.

When we clean and inspect your jewelry, we will provide for your consideration and approval a quote listing any repairs or maintenance items we recommend be performed. We’ll wait for your approval before we perform any work on your fine jewelry and we’ll walk you through each line of it if you’d like.

If you have a Care Plan, maintenance is free for the original owner for the life of the piece (depending on which plan you purchased). Other terms and conditions may apply. See fine print in the Care Plan documentation you are provided with at the time of purchase.

If you didn’t purchase a Care Plan with your fine jewelry, we will charge you directly for materials and repair & maintenance services. Due to the complexity of our repair price list, we do not publish it, but our repair and maintenance fees are competitive with those of other jewelers.
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