How does your Free Repairs program work? What are the limitations?

Our free repairs service applies only to Betsy & Iya fashion jewelry. Within this category, we also distinguish between repairs and maintenance. Our free repair service is not meant to take the place of regular maintenance (including removing tarnish and other things you can do at home). These free repairs will not restore your jewelry to like new condition, but rather restore it to its condition just before it broke. We’re happy to help you keep your jewelry in like new condition (refinishing and polishing, or addressing other normal wear and tear issues, like straightening out bends), but we will charge a modest fee for these services. We reserve the right to limit free repairs on a case by case basis to prevent abuse of this service.

If your broken B&I jewelry has served you valiantly and it’s just time to say goodbye, be sure to check out Recast, our buy-back program, where we buy back your Betsy & Iya jewelry (even if it’s broken), clean it up, fix it, and resell it at a discount.

We don’t repair other designers’ jewelry or non-jewelry products we sell. If you bought it from us initially, we are happy to help connect you with the designer to facilitate the repair. Most of our other designers charge for repairs. Of course, if your product has broken due to a defect, we will work with you to make this right without charge. For jewelry you didn’t buy from us initially, we can refer you to a few places around town that might be able to help you with a repair.

Due to the high value and expert skill involved, fine jewelry does not qualify for free repairs beyond complimentary cleanings and inspections.

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