Why does metal tarnish?

Tarnish occurs naturally when certain metals are exposed to air and moisture. Tarnish can occur (at different rates and intensities) in silver, brass, bronze, gold and gold-filled, and plated metal. We love the patina our metals develop and typically don't polish our own brass, silver, and bronze jewelry.

We use a wax-based sealant on some of our jewelry to slow the rate of tarnish and mitigate fingerprints, but we do not use electrolytically applied nanopolymers or polyurethane sealants that exist because we don’t like how these finishes age. We’ve seen metal begin to tarnish underneath the seals or seen the seals chip off or break down unevenly, which results in very difficult to clean, unattractive finish. Our raw metals will tarnish, but they can also be easily restored to their original luster. This workability is why we choose raw, unsealed metals.

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