What will happen as I wear my jewelry and it ages naturally?

Jewelry is not indestructible. No matter how careful you are, as you wear your jewelry, you will begin to notice some or all of the following: scratches, dents, bends, worn metal, dullness or tarnish, dirt or grime around stones or other areas with crevices, gaps, engraving, texture, or other perfect gunk hiding spots. This applies to both fine and fashion jewelry.

Why and how does this happen? Three main reasons:
  • Rubbing, knocking, or pressing against things (obvious things like walls, doors, etc., but also other jewelry, clothing, bike handlebars, dumbbell bars, even bedsheets… basically anything you hold or brush up against)
  • Exposure to natural elements like the air, moisture, skin/sweat/body chemistry. Read more about tarnish.
  • Exposure to other chemicals from bath/body products, pools/hot-tubs, even off-gassing in manufactured products.
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