Gifts For Your Friend Who Already Has a Lot of Jewelry

Gifts For Your Friend Who Already Has a Lot of Jewelry

Has your friend been amassing a jewelry collection since they were born, and you're stuck trying to figure out what they could possibly still need? Let us help you with your gift-giving dilemma - below we've got all sorts of gifts your friends will be sure to love, no matter how much jewelry they already have!

1.betsy & iya half moon jewelry organizer 
betsy & iya Half Moon Hanging Jewelry Storage Organizer - $79 Shop Now

Your friend may have a ton of jewelry, but does she have a picture-perfect organizer for her precious pieces? We bet she doesn't, and we also bet she'll be glad to have one. 

2.Wolf Ceramics Ring Dish

Wolf Ceramics Ring Dish (any of the 4 designs!) - $36
Shop: Black with Notches
(sold out)
Black Vs
Blue Stripe

We're obsessed with these ring dishes from Wolf Ceramics, and your friend is sure to be too. With four designs to choose from (two created in collaboration with the betsy & iya team!), there's no way you won't pick a winner.

3.betsy & iya Bronze Half Moon Ring Bowl and Catch-All Dish

betsy & iya Bronze Half Moon Ring Bowl and Catch-All Dish - $79 Shop Now

If bronze fits your friend's aesthetic better, we've got you covered. This ring bowl was hand-carved right here in our shop and looks amazing with any piece of jewelry (betsy & iya or otherwise!).

4.Sunshine Polishing Cloth

Sunshine Polishing Cloth - $4 Shop Now

Help your friend keep her jewelry looking shiny and brand new! These polishing cloths are adorable and will last for years to come. (Read up on our care FAQs for which pieces to use the cloth on!)

5.Palate Polish

Palate Polish Vegan Nail Polish (any color) - $10 Shop Now

Give your friend a reason to show off her ring collection. Pick the prettiest color or the most delicious-sounding polish name!

6.Caravan Pacific Modern Hair Tie

Caravan Pacific Modern Hair Tie - $28 (medium), $30 (large) 

Um, hello! Jewelry for your hair! Ponytail bling, yes, please.

7.Muse Belt

Muse Belts - $50 (1" belt pictured), $62 (1.5" belt) Shop Now

These belts do the perfect job of tying outfits together. Your friend may be ready with the jewelry, but you'll help her complete the look.

8.betsy & iya mini studs

betsy & iya Mini Geometric Studs (any shape) - $34-$39 Shop Now

With so many shapes to choose from, there has to be at least one she doesn't have.

9.betsy & iya Nilo Necklacebetsy & iya Ritmo Necklace

betsy & iya Nilo Necklace (top, pictured in brass) and Ritmo Necklace (bottom, pictured in silver) - $49-$69 Shop Nilo  | Shop Ritmo

If your friend has a lot of longer necklaces, give her one of these to create a flawless layered look. Both necklaces are available in brass or silver and look fantastic all stacked up. (Check out India wearing both!)

10.betsy & iya Gift Card

betsy & iya Gift Card - $ Up to you! Shop Digital Certificate or Shop Physical Card

Feel like throwing your hands up in the air and just giving up on this search? You're in need of a gift card, my friend. Choose from traditional plastic sent via snail mail or the 21st century kind for their inbox.


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