Gifts that Support Women Around the World

Gifts That Support Women Around the World

Support women all across the globe with these beautifully handcrafted products. Every brand and product in this guide has a fantastic story and helps empower women to be successful, creative, and financially independent. 

1.Bloom & Give Bari Navy Cotton Silk Scarf
Bloom & Give Bari Navy Cotton Silk Scarf - $65 Shop Now

Bloom & Give donates 50% of their profits to programs that send girls to school in India and produces beautiful, handprinted scarves like this one. 

2.Ichcha Scarves Babu II

Ichcha Scarves Babu II - $45 Shop Now

100% of the proceeds from this scarf is given back to the team that handcrafted it. The design is block printed from hand-carved blocks and employs traditional techniques preserved for generations.

3.Dinadi Ingrid Hat Midnight Blue

Dinadi Ingrid Hat (pictured in Midnight Blue) - $38
Sold Out (Shop Dinadi)

Dinadi provides their workers with ethical employment and fantastic benefits. The products they knit are incredibly soft, cozy, and cute.

4.Bloom & Give Sagar Cotton Scarf

Bloom & Give Sagar Cotton Scarf (Pictured in Grey, available in 2 colors) - $45 Shop Now

Another beautiful scarf from Bloom & Give! This scarf is lightweight, airy and 50% of the profits are also sent to programs that send girls to school in India.

5.Bloom & Give Kavya Clutch

Bloom & Give Kavya Clutch - $35

Bloom & Give doesn't just make scarves: the ever-popular Kavya Clutch is always a fantastic gift idea!

6.Creative Women Aden Cotton Bath Towel

Creative Women Aden Cotton Bath Towel (Gray) - $72 Shop Now

Creative Women has created long-term, healthy, profitable partnerships with artisans in women-led small businesses. This bath towel is more than just a bath towel - it can be a blanket, scarf, or nearly anything else you can think of gifting someone.

7.Ichcha Scarves Stars

Ichcha Scarves Stars - $72 Shop Now

With patterns of all shapes and sizes and bright tassels, this scarf is sure to bring joy to its recipient. It was made as a celebration of diversity and has been hand-dyed and hand-printed by talented artisans.

8.Ichcha Scarves Nila

Ichcha Scarves Nila - $68 Shop Now

Really, you can never go wrong with an Ichcha scarf. The Nila scarf has a coral lace border inspired by the sunset.

9.Bloom & Give Barmer Kantha Throw

Bloom & Give Barmer Kantha Throw - $80

Reversible and hand-stitched in the Kantha tradition by women artisans in India, you can be certain this throw will be a welcome addition during the holidays. It's the perfect blanket to cuddle up with, safe from the cold winter weather.

10.Bloom & Give Marigold Cosmetic Bag

Bloom & Give Marigold Cosmetic Bag - $30
Saddle Brown

Another winner from Bloom & Give! Gift this bag in brown or black, and know you've added a stylish element of organization to someone's life.


Bloom & Give Moon Scarf - $50 Shop Now

Lusciously soft cotton and hand-printed patterns combine for a guaranteed gift gold medal. 

About Bloom & Give: Bloom & Give donates 50% of their profits to programs that send girls to school in India where education is the most effective way for a girl to escape the cycle of childhood marriage, pre-teen pregnancy, and abuse. They partner with the grassroots program Educate Girls which targets the entire village community and typically increases enrollment to 90% within months, helping to undo centuries-old and deep-rooted traditional beliefs that stand in the way of girls' education.

About Creative Women: Creative Women has created long-term, healthy, profitable partnerships with artisans in women-led small businesses. The artisans employ traditional art forms to weave the incredible textiles sold by Creative Women. The pieces are woven with locally grown fibers, accented with AZO-free dyes or sustainably sourced leather, and handcrafted with careful attention to detail. Creative Women provides both high-quality jobs and high-quality products, firmly standing by conscious consumerism as a powerful way to effect change.

About Dinadi: In 2012, Dinadi creators Mirjam and Preston moved to Nepal. The people they met and their desire to bring about lasting change to developing communities led to the formation of Dinadi in 2016. Dinadi provides ethical employment to knitters in Nepal, providing them with numerous benefits they wouldn't otherwise have access to. From providing a full-time social worker to paying school tuitions, the list goes on and on, and we're ecstatic that such a fantastic company provides fantastically soft products that you'll fall in love with instantly.

About Ichcha: In such a fast-paced world, time-intensive handmade processes can sometimes be overlooked. Enter Ichcha: hoping to preserve the tradition of handcrafting textiles that had been passed down for generations, three women created a company that encourages the world to live consciously. Conscious of the environment, tradition, and the value and quality in handmade goods. Their beautiful products radiate this message; they are hand printed both in New York and India and are inspired by the history that came before them.



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