Gifts for Your Co-Worker Who's Always Cold

Gifts for Your Co-Worker Who's Always Cold

We all have that one co-worker who's always cold. You're sweating in your blouse while they're clutching their personal space heater for dear life. Give them a gift that'll warm their heart and body temperature this year with our guide below.

1.Faribault Woolen Mills Ashby Twill Throw 
Faribault Woolen Mills Ashby Twill Throw - $140
Ink Blue

Handcrafted in Faribault, Minnesota, USA this wool blanket is the perfect size to throw over legs under a desk (and still look half-way professional).

2.W&P Designs Hot Toddy Cocktail Kit

W&P Designs  Carry On Cocktail Kit - $24 Shop Now

We highly recommend the Hot Toddy Cocktail Kit (along with a mini bottle of bourbon) to keep even the coldest person toasty.

3.Sydney Hale Co. Woodsmoke & Amber Candle

Sydney Hale Co.  Scented Candles - $28 Shop now

These deliciously scented candles are a cult favorite here at betsy & iya. Try Woodsmoke & Amber or Smoked Cardamom & Honey to fill the air with cozy thoughts.

4.Spring in the Park Necklace betsy & iya

betsy & iya  Spring in the Park necklace - $54 Shop Now

Dream of Spring, it's only 106 days away.

5.Wolf Ceramics Mountain Mugs

Wolf Ceramics Mountain Mugs - $46 Shop Now - sold out

A nod to her great taste and desire to have hot liquids nearby, always.

6.Little Barn Apothecary Lavender & Sea Salt Bath Soak

Little Barn Apothecary Bath Soaks - $28
Lavender & Sea Salt
Peppermint & Sea Salt

A long, hot bath is just what the doctor ordered on a stormy night. Make it happen. And don't forget that cocktail kit.


Demimonde  Solis Earrings - $80 Shop Now

We're just guessing here, but is this person also a sun-worshipper?

8.Skeem Design Apothecary Match Bottle

Skeem Design  Apothecary Match Bottle - $26
Black Matches - Calligraphy
Red Matches - Alchemy

These beautiful matches make great shelf decor when they're not on duty.


Dinadi  Half Mitts - $34
Sky Blue

Her fingers will be free to text, count, point to scenery and show off her enviable ring collection. Bonus- this gift helps Support Women Around the World. (see more like this)

10.betsy & iya campeche necklace in mexico

betsy & iya  Campeche Necklace (Pictured in Mexico, available in 2 colors) - $127 Shop Now

The necklace version of her tropical screen saver.




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