Tange Unisex Wedding Band


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    Minimal yet distinctive, the Tange Unisex Wedding Band features an understated hand-carved design for those looking for the perfect blend of the traditional and unconventional.

    Made to be matched, the Tange ring’s geometric carving creates a unique design when paired with the Amandi Ring, the Spero Ring or even with itself. Whether you're stacking the rings or matching them with your partner, you'll find there are many different ways in which you can pair rings from this collection to create new alternative shapes. 

    14K yellow gold.
    Band measures 5.4 mm wide.

    The Tange Unisex Wedding Band is an original betsy & iya design, first hand-carved in wax and then cast in-house using the lost wax casting method. Every aspect of this ring is handmade in our Portland, Oregon production studio from design sketches to final finish.

    Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

    Model is wearing the Matte finish option.

    Matte Gold: Use a very soft 100% cotton cloth and/or a soft toothbrush with warm water and a gentle soap.
    Polished Gold: Use a Sunshine polishing cloth to brighten/shine up your gold. 

    Visit our shop or your local jeweler to discover your perfect ring size. Quarter ring sizes available upon request.

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