What to wear in the rain.

To say we've had a wet start to December would be extremely accurate. Everyone is allowed a few days of hibernation and reverting to the most functional of outfits, but eventually, something's gotta give. You can't just hole up and look a mess all winter! Not if we have anything to do with it. Here's what to wear in the rain, when the rain just won't quit. Portland, OR winter fashion Yeah, Sara, it's still raining. But you look super cute, so it doesn't even matter. Entire outfit found in our brick & mortar:
  • Mesh scarf by Curator, $48
  • Long, deep plum cardigan by good hYOUman, $78
  • White t-shirt by good hYOUman, $45
  • Comfy and cute black pants by Groceries Apparel, $82.60 (on sale!)
  • Waxed canvas shoulder bag by Artifact Bag Co., $128
  • Arkadiko necklace by betsy & iya, $114
Goertzen leather bags You're going to need a trusty, functional bag. And do we have just the one! A leather bag to please all: Goertzen bags, available  in-store and online here. Curator scarves Scarves are a must-have during the winter months. They keep your exposed neck warm and can be pulled over your head in a "need to have coverage during a sudden shower" moment. These from Curator come in a variety of colors and are warm, yet lightweight enough to wear in multiple seasons. Scarves, $48 each. betsy & iya adjustable rings As if we'd forget about jewelry! Your hands are going to have a lot of umbrella carrying, hood raising, and jacket zipping to do; why not make sure they look extra beautiful in the process? These adjustable betsy & iya rings are just the thing to bring a smile to your face whenever you glance at your hands. Shop them all in-store and online here. I'll sign off with a note of encouragement; we will make it through the gray days! Chin up, peeps. Much love, Anna
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