Our Shop Has Officially MOVED!

Our Shop Has Officially MOVED!

Well...we did it!!!!!!!

As of today, we've officially moved across the street to 1777 NW 24th Avenue. From one street corner to to the other, with a lot of hard work and heavy boxes carried.

The new home of betsy & iya!

The memories we've made over at 2403 NW Thurman St have been incredible.  Inspiring, uplifting, frustrating, tearful, hilarious, and magical. We are so grateful for all our time spent there, and to have met so many of you wonderful people. Eight years of learning, growing, and figuring out what on earth we're doing. (Does anyone ever know??)

We're so happy to be here. We're still processing the fact that we even are here! At times, this new space felt like a far-off dream—and now that it's our reality, it feels kind of  unbelievable. We documented the new space and the move as it all came together, so you can get a sense of what we saw along the way.

Betsy Cross sitting on the loft in the new betsy & iya space

Can you believe that upper space is now our office?


Betsy Cross giving some makers a tour of their new production studio!

Betsy gave some of the makers a little tour of their new space—they had to use a lot of imagination at this point...


the betsy & iya team getting silly in the new space

...but it's safe to say they were still excited!!!!


Cutest photo ever?? (L-R: Barrie, Betsy, Madeleine, Tayja) 


The beginnings of a production studio! 


We'll always be able to see our old home from our new one.


"...and this is where Suzy's office will be..."


The big ol' mess that was in front of our shop...


Betsy Cross in front of the new betsy & iya storefront

...and Betsy welcoming us all into the cleaned up space!

betsy & iya jewelry hanging

Our jewelry sittin' pretty in its new home!!

betsy & iya products on shelves

Never thought we'd ever be so excited about shelves, but here we are...

betsy & iya new retail space

That brass wall though... 😍

 new exterior of betsy & iya retail shop

Welcome to our new home. Prepare yourself for loads of pictures as the years go by... who knows where the next 10 years will take us!!! All we know is that we want you by our side for it all. 😘

Group 7