New in Shop - Sandbox Ceramics!

New in Shop - Sandbox Ceramics!

It's no secret that we can't get enough of beautiful ceramics at betsy & iya—the combination of beauty and function gets us every time. Given that, we're thrilled to welcome Sandbox Ceramics to our shop for the first time!

Sandbox's hand-thrown pieces are gorgeous and playful, featuring lovely lines and geometries while maintaining a clean, functional vibe. They'll look stunning on your shelves, but still feel great in your hands. We can't get enough here at betsy & iya, and we know you'll fall in love with them just like we did. Preview the line below, then shop online or in-store!

Colorblock Tumbler

Colorblock Tumbler$30

Drink out of these tumblers, use them for storage, or put some air plants in them - there's no way these gorgeous pieces could ever look bad. It's just not possible.

Small Planter with built-in saucer

Small Planter$44

These hand-thrown planters have a built-in saucer with a drainage hole, so watering your plants is easy, and their adorable design makes them easy on the eyes, too. 

small mug (dash)

Small Mug (dash) $35

Part mug, part piece of stylish decoration, 100% perfectly adorable.

small mug (column)

Small Mug (column)$35

The perfect complement and counterpart to the dash version above...

small mug (simple speckled white)

Small Mug (simple speckled white)$35

We're going to have a hard time ever putting these mugs down, we can already tell.

small ramekin (available in sand or white)

Small Ramekin - $35 (available in Sand or White)

What can you put in these ramekins? Olive oil, snacks, sauces, palo santo, jewelry, crystals, bobby pins...

Sandbox Ceramics artist Petra

About Sandbox Ceramics: Petra, the artist behind Sandbox Ceramics, is a self-taught potter who creates beautifully minimal pieces. With a focus on functional ceramics that are both simple and playful, her work adds joy and style to every room it graces.

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