Take Your Jewelry to the Next Level by Mixing Metals

Take Your Jewelry to the Next Level by Mixing Metals

At betsy & iya, we often get people in the shop saying, "Oh, I don't wear brass," or "I mostly wear gold, so I couldn't pull off this silver cuff."

It's okay to have a preference—silver's feelings aren't going to be hurt if you like brass better. But at some point, a nasty rumor started that everyone should choose a signature metal for themselves, forsaking the others. We wholeheartedly disagree. Sure, sometimes brass can make your skin seem to glow, or silver can really make your eyes pop. But no one should feel like they can't wear a specific metal just because they've embraced another one. Metals are made to be mixed!

The best way to start mixing is to wear pieces that do the mixing for you. Our Koa Collection, for instance, is almost entirely made up of mixed-metal pieces. Just pop on the Subete necklace or a couple Modu cuffs (below) and voila! You're mixing metals like a pro.

betsy & iya mixed-metal modu cuffs

(You don't need this many cuffs - start with one or two!)


Our Tuyo y Mía ring set (below) is another great way to start mixing metals. These two rings slide together to look like one ring, and each is available in bronze or silver! Wear one when you're feeling like rocking the single-metal look, and then combine them for the ultimate power ring when you want to switch it up.

betsy & iya tuyo y mía ring sets

Check out the Tuyo y Mía set in action below, along with a bunch of rings we love to mix. Quite the lineup, eh? betsy & iya mixed-metal rings

Let's break this punch down, shall we? From left to right, we have:

-A stack of faceted stacking rings in gold-fill and silver with a bronze Runa ring
-Tuyo y Mía ring set (silver outer ring, bronze inner ring)
-Zaca rings in brass and silver, with a smooth stacking ring in silver.

As you can see, rings make mixing metals easy. Our stacking rings are great for subtly adding a new metal, whereas some of our larger rings are perfect for bold mixed-metal impact. Since your rings are all close together, it's clear that mixing metals was an intentional choice. So...how does that translate to other jewelry?


To mix up your earrings, try rocking some of our Koa earrings if you've just got a single piercing. If you've got multiple piercings, have some fun with creative pairings!

Below, we paired a pair of silver Yana studs with our Uba hoops. The balance of the stud with the statement earring ensures that you won't be upstaged by your jewelry. The large earrings bring the focus to you, and the studs are an added level of surprising detail! 

betsy & iya uba hoop earrings and yana studs


Mixing metals with necklaces can be as easy as popping on a Subete Necklace. It does the mixing for you, just like the Koa earrings!

Another route you can take is wearing a necklace whose focal piece is made from a different metal than its chain. The Salta necklace (below) is a great example of this. Its bright brass focal piece really pops with its shiny silver chain.

the betsy & iya Salta necklace

If you're ready to level up, try layering your necklaces. Below, we've paired the Ayni necklace with the Rakkaus. Not only do both these necklaces mix bronze and silver, but their lengths add an entirely new level of dimension to your look. Imagine pairing a dainty necklace like the Divisionary necklace (take a look at that oxidized chain!) with the longer Rakkaus. Dreamy and dynamic.

betsy & iya Rakkaus and Ayni necklaces


As we mentioned in the beginning of this blog, our Modu cuffs are great little stackers, especially when paired with brass or silver Mollia cuffs.

Bracelets are a fantastic metal mixing piece. You can highlight one metal with a bigger cuff, and pepper in highlights of a different metal with smaller pieces. You can play off your rings, and add texture and color in a million new ways. Seen below, our Makou, Nisi, and Ela cuffs mix together flawlessly. 

betsy & iya jewelry - cuffs and rings

Just like we said in our blog post about stacking jewelry, there's no wrong way to do any of this! Trust your instincts and have fun with unexpected pairings. Oftentimes, you'll get the most compliments on something that's slightly beyond your comfort zone. So start pushing those boundaries—in no time, you'll start creating combinations everyone else wishes they thought of.

Happy mixing!

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