Valentine's Day: the Good, the Bad & the Embarrassing.

Happy Valentine's Day my sweet candy hearts. Let me first start off by saying that I love each and every one of you and I hope your Valentines Day is going well. Today, I wanted find out what the b&i team thought of this somewhat controversial holiday. True, it's the day of love and romance where many fill their hearts with love (and their bellies with chocolate), but others consider it a day of great expectations and pressures. But what say you betsy & iya crew? What are some of your most memorable Valentine's Days (good or bad)? What's your favorite part?
Betsy: I woke up and sleepily walked to the bathroom. After I washed my hands in the sink, I slowly looked up to the mirror. But the mirror part of the mirror was gone. In its place stood post-it note after post-it note after post-it note of 1-3 word standouts of our love--Memories, nicknames, things he love about me, things I love about him, things we've connected on, things that we share (like the love of our dog), things that are important to remember, etc.Betsy & Will dancing in Crete Betsy & Will dancing together when they were just 19 & 20 years old!!! Omg they weren't even a couple here but cuteness is almost unbearable.


Alyssa: My favorite part of Valentines day is that lingerie is on sale!
Matt: I really struggled with what to write about his blog topic! Do I go for the cheap laughs and write about a story where I was dumped by the only woman I have ever loved just thrice Valentine's Days ago? No. There's so much wrong with that made up story you have no idea. Do I write like I don't care as to appear "too cool for school?" No. I think my Harry Potter Snuggie is proof that I will never be "too cool for school." Finally, I decided that this topic is a perfect opportunity to be my--drum roll, deep breath-- coming out blog. (Cue: Fog, spotlight, and "make it rain" glitter) That's right. Dry those tears, ladies. The furthest we will get is besties. But I digress. My favorite Valentine's Day? It's happening right now. I have been falling in love everyday the past few months with the man I have been waiting for. And planning what I wanted to do for him this v-day is only more proof that we are great for each other. Why? He's a simple man. Rose. Cute card. And a flannel. That's it. I'm golden. Nothing says romance like a good flannel. Stay tuned. I'm already planning for next year... I'm just not sure how I'll be able to top flannel.
Kelly: Oh Valentine's Day. I've had my fair share of bad ones! All through high school I so desperately wanted some guy to sweep me off my awkward feet... instead they ended up being comically tragic. The worst of them all, I ended up being a "third-wheel" on my friend's date to Red Lobster. She was going out with a guy that was friends with my crush, so when she invited me to come, I thought that somehow, someway my crush would magically appear at some point in the night. In the end, he never showed up and I was left to observe a Red Lobster Valentine's day date... need I say more? Not even cheesy biscuits and unlimited shrimp can cure a heartache like that. My best Valentine's day was this last year, with my boyfriend, Gordon. It started as we were walking around downtown together in early February. We walked by Cacao (Portland's chocolate mecca) and Gordon grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. He told me, "Valentine's day starts now. Get whatever you want!" Heart melting, tear-inducing sweetness ensued from then on, for the entirety of the month. Among the cupcakes, sweet notes, & romantic dinners were his beautiful words. His words move me & his smile makes me want to shout from a rooftop. It's that sort of love. He has told me that he wants to make up for all the awful Valentine's days we've both had before we were together, and man, do I believe him.
Kate: At my school we have a thing called "Love Grams," which are pretty much groups of students who make routines to songs and people buy them to embarrass their friends. During freshman year my friend bought me one with attractive Seniors, so I got to have three guys in bright spandex seductively circling me while slapping each others behinds, singing "I'm A Slave For You." I got five more of those that day. It was a very uncomfortable Valentines Day...
Me: My worst valentines day was also, conveniently, my best Valentines day. Go figure. It was senior year of high school and it was my first time having a boyfriend on Valentines day (also first time ever having a boyfriend... late bloomer over here). I was so excited to be all cutesy, lovey-dovey at school with my bf and celebrate my happy relationship at school  in front of my peers BUT the boyfriend ended up getting pink eye and had to stay home from school! What?! Outrageous! Now, once again, I had to watch all the other couples hang out together at school and make-out in front of me. Boo! However, I thought to myself, what a color-appropriate illness for this holiday. Better than heart-break. So I went to visit him after school to see how he was doing. The rest of the day ended up being him and me eating candy and chocolates, snuggling, and watching Factory Girl. Don't worry, at that point we found out it was just an eye infection, not pink eye. Certainly wouldn't want to hang out with that kind of contagion.... It was so wonderful to just be together in the same room, enjoying each other's presence, and being in love. I realized didn't need the affirmation of my peers to fulfill my stereotypical TV high school romance. All I needed was the goofy 17 year-old boy with the infected eye. And let the record show that 6 years later I will be celebrating Valentines day with that same boy, and I couldn't be happier. :) Like I said, some folks think of this day as romantic and exciting, others deem it the notorious "Hallmark Holiday," only meant to drive profits for chocolate & flower companies. But I say "nay" to you naysayers! I love this holiday because it is about love. And even Betsy can tell you that love is all that matters in the end. It's a time to feel blessed for the love we get and the love we give and knowing how many people there are that care about you and vise versa. And the chocolate. Obviously. ALLmylove, Barrie (PS check out our super duper awesome opossum contest going on this month!! I can't wait to see who WINS!!) ***Song of the moment: Don't Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John & Kiki Dee***

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