Month of Love Short Short Story Contest!

If you want to skip the backstory and go STRAIGHT to enter your short short story in our coolest contest ever (to get 20% off immediately or for a chance to win a $400 gift certificate AND a piece of jewelry I design for my new collection based on your story) CLICK HERE. Yay!!

When I started this company I had no clue what I was doing, but I did know that if I was doing anything, I was doing it unconventionally. I didn't want to just make things and sell them (though I find that aspect very cool), I wanted to evoke a feeling, a memory, an experience. So when it was time to publish my designs on the internet...I just started writing and I called on my then boyfriend Will and my friends to write. I wanted little blips of moments people could relate to or wanted to relate to, moments people could see themselves in. Enter to win $400 worth of jewelry and a new design made in your honor! Mini stories started to emerge. Stories about freedom, love, strength, sticky situations, humorous moments. Stories that describe who I am and who I've always wanted to be. It was my goal to create a connection. And I hope that some of you have felt it somewhere along the way. Some stories are actual moments from my life and my friends' lives, some are stories inspired by the lives we want to lead.


A newly engaged Betsy & Will back in 2009.
A newly engaged Betsy & Will back in 2009.


If you haven't seen them in our product listings, here are just a few of my favorites: >>>It was so hot that day. We went shopping for ice together and both, awkwardly, reached in to grab a bag at the same time. On a day when it seemed there was no way one could get any more flush. I did. We both did. And That was just the beginning. >>> Besides being able to do a perfect ballerina spin, she really wanted to be able to climb trees like a cat.

 >>>A half-drunk bottle of wine sat open between them and the muffled sound of traffic floated up from the street below. Lying hand-in-hand on the roof and gazing up at the night sky, they laughed and laughed and laughed. All night long. >>>The sounds of the Cuban trumpets, the dissonant smells of sweat and perfume, the shared feeling that nothing mattered but now, reminded her of a time in her life she was trying to get back to. It wasn't until the next morning when she realized she was already there. So when a good friend proposed this idea to us, we jumped ALL over it! Today we are announcing our Month of Love Short Short Story Contest. Wheeeeeee!!! I cannot even tell you how excited I am about this! It's YOUR turn to write the stories, to channel that independent b&i woman and to run with your imaginations! We want to hear it! We can't wait to read your stories! I know we tell you all the time, but seriously, we appreciate you all so much. Thank you for hanging with us all these years. So much LOVE to you! Now, ENTER THE (coolest) CONTEST (ever) already!! xotimesamillion ~betsy ***Song of the Moment: Pink Matter, by Frank Ocean***   The NUTS and BOLTS:
  • Enter your amazing 40 word or less short short story HERE. 
  • IMMEDIATELY receive 20% off online JUST for entering
  • You have until March 7th to get your short short stories in.
  • March 7th-14th is a public voting period (get your friends/family to read the entries and vote on their favorites!) to determine finalists.
  • Then our CELEBRITY JUDGING PANEL picks the winner from the finalists. See the amazing folks we have onboard below!
  • Winner gets a $400 gift certificate to spend online and a design (from yours truly) based on your story. That design will be a part of my newest collection. 2nd place winner receives a $100 certificate and 3rd place gets a $50 certificate.
  • Your story might get published on our site. THIS IS THE BEST EVER!!
  • Seriously, get your stories in because I cannot WAIT to read them!!
The celebrity judging panel includes author Nancy Rommelmann (Transportation: Stories, The Queens of Montague Street), Kevin Sampsell (author of A Common Pornography, founder of Future Tense Publishing), B Frayn Masters (host/executive producer of Back Fence PDX), Courtenay Hameister (host of Live Wire!) and Nathalie Weinstein (editor of PDX Pipeline).
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