IOTW: Cathedral Park Ring.

EEEK! I'm SO excited!!!! As many of you know we have a LOT of jewelry here at ol' b & i, so when it's time to choose "Item Of The Week" it can get pretty tough sometimes to pick just one piece (these are the tough decisions in my life). But we've got some new pieces to show off and a couple have been screaming for more attention, and this particular week our new Cathedral Park Ring was shouting (playfully) just a little bit louder than everything else.  

Cathedral Park Ring.

Amory is as excited as I am about this ring. It's one of her favorite new pieces from our mini collection inspired by Cathedral Park so I got the scoop from her why she's in love with the double banded beauty.

Three words to describe the cathedral park ring:
Amory: Raw. Rawr. Required.
Why do you love this ring??
Amory: I love its epic simplicity. A seemingly demure first glance reveals minute details that really make this piece sing; the playfully rough edges, the double band (WHAT!?!?!), the rosy sunset finish.  Then top it all off with architectural detailing inspired by Cathedral Park (and maybe, just maybe, discover its alter-ego in sterling silver).  Yes, please.
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What style works with this ring best?
Amory: Everything and anything!  My pick: skinny tie and fitted blazer with color statement pants.  Pair the Cathedral with a Redundant Chevron ring (they get along nicely) and add some Upper Metal Class studs.
Cathedral Park style board
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....Okay, I went a little accessory crazy with this one, but the outfit called for the appropriate amount of layered pieces. And Amory is right, you really can pair this ring with anything. Before Am described her ideal outfit for the Cathedral Park Ring I had envisioned something completely different! I love knowing how other people like to style our jewelry, it opens my minds to new possibilities.
Hope some of you were inspired today. Let us know what your favorite new pieces are and how you would style them! They might just end up on the blog... ;)
***Song of the moment: Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club***
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