I broke the seal!!  Okay, so I didn't workout at the gym.  But I did do a super intense Jillian Michaels video at home.
Even though I felt like I was going to pass out several times throughout the workout, I made it through.  And I feel SO energized today.  I feel so happy  + healthy!  What's more...W took Gingy on a run.  So the whole family is getting behind it.  Just knowing that we've started is enough motivation to keep on going.
You all were so awesome with your encouraging thoughts and words.  Thank you.  I can't even express how much it means to me.  I hope you have glorious weekends, full of sunshine and love.
xo, always ~ betsy
***Song of the Moment:  Imitosis, by Andrew Bird***

1 thoughts on TWP: I did it!!

Jessica Wallenfels:

Me too me too!
AND feel so much bettah. Let’s do this!!!

October 05 2016 at 09:10 PM

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