Things I'm excited about

Betsy's on a trip east picking up new shops and celebrating a special birthday with her Mom (happy b-day, Charlotte!!!), so that leaves yours truly at the wheel.  Here's a few things I'm psyched about. 1.  Let's start with the most boring, shall we?  I'm REAL excited about getting all the kinks worked out of our point of sale system.  It's real cute, but it's cute like a feisty kitten is: REAL cute 33% of the time; surprise scratches and bites for another 33%, and lingering sneezes and sniffles (sorry, kitty; I'm allergic) the other 34%.  All of that is to say: when you go into a store and plop something on the counter and they scan it and run your card and print you a receipt and have their inventory update on the back end ... say a silent thanks to the IT guru who set it all up, cause s/he's a rock star.  I'm not quite there yet, but MAN, it's gonna be GREAT when I am.  (Like I said, boring first, right???)

See it there? iPad on a stand? Wireless keyboard? Super cute, right? Aaaaachhhoooo!

2.  I'm excited about some new music.  Court the Storm, by Y La Bamba.  I feel like I've still got a lot to hear in this one.  DRRT, by Lost Lander.  Yum.  And lastly: the super thoughtful mix-CD that our friends Telle & Rex from ISWAS+WILLBE made for us.

3. I've been home sick for two days, so I'm pretty over the moon about the Netflix account we signed up for.  I'm streaming my strength back.

4. The PDX Collective Sale this weekend.  We'll be there with a heap of sale stuff.  I get to hang out with friends from Radish Underground, Tumbleweed, Folly, Physical Element, and Mabel & Zora among bunches of others.  Oh, and I get to see all of your happy faces snapping up close-out deals from all of these fine establishments.  No brainer: this is exciting.  RSVP and get more deets here. 5. Cirque giveaways.  Cirque du Soleil is coming to town and we're giving away a pair of tickets.  You can enter at our shop during the month of February just by making a purchase.  And if games of chance aren't quite your thing, we scored a discount code for you.  Buy one, get one free, my friends.  Good thru 2/14.

6.  Seeing my Betsy on Portlandia.  Haven't seen it yet, but I understand it's out there... just don't blink.

7. My super secret Valentine's Day plans.  That's right, Cross.  You heard me.  Super. Secret. Valentine's Day. Plans.  I can't wait.

8. Betsy coming home.  That first hug is always the best, right??? So, that's it for now.  What are YOU excited about!?  Will I see you at the PDX Collective Sale? **Song of the Moment: Squawk, by Y La Bamba*** - But why have just one song when you can have eleven???  Do yourself a favor and go preorder at TLE.  Instant download available and man, it's a stellar album.

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