IMG_0128_1 I did a fair amount of gushing, yesterday.  But seriously, everyone's generosity, love, support---I can't get enough of it!  I love all of you fancy pants people!! Again, I'll leave the pictures to speak for themselves.  If anyone is interested in getting hi-res versions of any of these, let me know.  You can check the whole lot out on my flickr page.  If you were at the wedding, you can bet there's a great photo of you in there somewhere.  I loved them all---these are just some highlights, basically chosen at random. IMG_0140_1 IMG_0160_1 IMG_0173_1 IMG_0179_1 IMG_0185_1 IMG_0245_1 IMG_0270_1 IMG_0314_1 IMG_0404_1 IMG_0430_1 IMG_0457 IMG_0548 IMG_0535 IMG_0612 IMG_0691 IMG_0739 IMG_0751 IMG_0772 IMG_0807 IMG_0809 IMG_0826 IMG_0828 IMG_0847 IMG_0856 IMG_0859 IMG_0864 IMG_0875 IMG_0891 IMG_0892 IMG_0907 IMG_0916 IMG_0960 IMG_0918 IMG_0975 IMG_1034 IMG_1042 IMG_1096 IMG_1099 IMG_1087 IMG_1083 IMG_1067 IMG_1107 IMG_1031 IMG_0719 Love. ***Song of the Moment: Love Dog, by TV on the Radio***

2 thoughts on The Wedding. (part 2)

vintage simple:

This looks like such an awesome wedding – nothing but fun and love all around… and an awful lot of style! And that last shot is perfect… I love it all – it looks like everyone had a great time… Congratulations!


October 05 2016 at 09:10 PM


great photos! you two look perfect together. :)

October 05 2016 at 09:10 PM

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