Dear Mr. Climate Change, is it too late to change your mind???

While this is not usually the road my blog wanders down, today is Blog Action Day 2009, and I felt compelled to play a role.  I was watching an OPB story on Joan Baez last night, and I felt even more inspired to speak up for something I believe in. I came across this nifty (or not so really) site naming the top 100 effects of global warming.  Instead of beating you over the head with why I think it's important to really understand what's going on with our earth, I'd like to tell you a little bit about what makes me sad. I'm sad because even though it's kind of a silly tradition, I really like Christmas Trees.  When my sis and I were younger, our family would trek out into the Christmas Tree Forrest wonderland and cut our own 16 footer.  I felt so proud of that thing.  It wasn't just a tree.  It represented home, warmth, love, friendship...and yeah, that...really cool gifts.  I'm really gonna miss you, CT. I'm sad because snorkeling is one of the most enchanting things I've ever done.  Just a wee month ago, I swam alongside a massive sea turtle with the kindest eyes and 4 manta rays who danced more gracefully than anyone on So You Think You Can Dance ..and also scared the crap out of me (fear is good for the soul). I'm sad because it took me an incredibly long time to overcome my fear of seafood.  And now my favorite fish might be waving goodbye. I'm sad because the Mediterranean Sea is where I first fell for the fleeting love who became my infinite love.  I want to go back and say hello some day. I'm sad because floods, hurricanes, and fires are so uncool. I'm sad because if I ever had to burn poo to enjoy a fire-roasted marshmallow, I think it'd be kind of nasty and because in certain parts of the world, it's already happening.  That's disgustingly ridiculous. I'm mad because of the large populations of innocent people already being so unfathomably negatively effected and infected by climate change. It cannot end here. The good thing is, it doesn't have to.  Do Something. ***Song of the Moment: Amazing Grace, sung by Joan Baez***
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