The Wedding. (part 1)

IMG_0031(our rehearsal dinner was a talent show.  it was unbelievably cool.)

The official pictures are here. I have never been a woman who thought or said hyperbolically, "my wedding will be the BEST day of my LIFE!!!!!!"  That's why it feels funny to admit that the entire weekend had me smitten indescribably-in-awe ... and it actually was one of the most memorable times in my life (and hear me's got A LOT to compete with).   It wasn't just the strength of our love that had me, it was the ineffable feeling of support and love and joy seeping from every corner of every room and every tree and every single person who graced us with their presence.  It wasn't just a union between me and W.  It was a celebration of all that is good in the world---shared by all of my favorite people in the world.  That is what love is to me.  And this wedding was pure love. I will not dirty this image feast by saying too much; I think the pictures speak for themselves. (we'll start with the rehearsal dinner and pre-wedding.  there are sooooo many awesome photos, I will do my best to share some of my favorites here.  lookout tomorrow, for more of the wedding) 






my "bridesmaids" ...rehearsal dinner emceesmy "bridesmaids" ...rehearsal dinner emceesIMG_0068 IMG_0134




the running sequencethe running sequence IMG_0147 IMG_0107 IMG_0117 IMG_0121 IMG_0151


surprise love song to betsysurprise love song to betsyIMG_0130 IMG_0147 IMG_0172


you guys made me laugh SO hard that guys made me laugh SO hard that night. IMG_0212 IMG_0220


best lift I've ever seenbest lift I've ever seenIMG_0280 IMG_0298 IMG_0304


who knew?who knew? IMG_0352 IMG_0355


yes, there was magic, lots of ityes, there was magic, lots of it


stcjeeeeellllanstcjeeeeellllanIMG_0393 IMG_0414


o.m.g. favorite rap team of all time, right here.o.m.g.  favorite rap team of all time, right here. IMG_0428 IMG_0432


pre-wedding hair and fellowshippre-wedding hair and fellowship


beautiful sister of honorbeautiful sister of honor


pre-wedding jitterspre-wedding jitters


mama hepburn...absolutely stunningmama hepburn...absolutely stunning IMG_0048_1


we beat off the nerves with comedy, peoplewe beat off the nerves with comedy, people


sneak peek into the coolest hairstyle I've ever hadsneak peek into the coolest hairstyle I've ever had


THANK YOU...everyone---family and friends.  You made this what it is.  We love you. (lookout for the wedding pictures, PART 2, tomorrow) Also, if anyone is itching to see ALL of the photos, go to my flickr page. ***Song of the Moment: Love on a Budget, by Benji Hughes***

Group 7