Summer Favorites: Kelly.

It's getting hot out there, people. Hope you're all keeping cool with some oscillating fans, cold drinks, and crystal-clear pools (or larger bodies of water, that works too). Let's check in on Kelly-girl and see what she's going to be indulging in this summer: KELLY glasses Favorite color for Summer >>Head-to-toe nude. It’s my replacement for autumn & winter’s head-to-toe black. Favorite seasonal fruit(s) and/or vegetable(s) Figs!!! I found a fig tree growing in my front yard last summer and it felt like I had won the fruit jackpot. I haven’t baked any tasty desserts with them yet, but that is on my to-do list this summer. Fig tarts? Fig popsicles? It’s happening. What Artist(s) are on your Summer playlist? >>Afterglow. A 60's band comparable to The Beach Boys or The Zombies. Super mellow vibes. Favorite restaurant to sit outside of >>I’ll picnic any chance I get. I live off of Division, which means I have access to the loveliest rose gardens. I would grab some farmers market treats & some sparkling water, throw down a cotton blanket, and cuddle with my beau. Favorite activity >>Lounging, straight up. I’m lazy during the summer. I want to lounge around by a river, lounge in a field of flowers, lounge at a coffee shop.. you get the picture. I just want time to sloooowwwww down. And I want to sit and enjoy my summer moments. Favorite Summer smell(s) >>The woods. When I’m camping and breathing in fresh woodsy air, nothing can bum me out. Ultimate Summer vacation destination >>This question is meant to torture me, I’m certain. I could list a slew of tropical dream vacations, but I’m going to keep it more approachable for the sake of my sanity: Rome, Oregon (I recently found out that it even existed.) After laughing at it, I found out that it's an unexpectedly exquisite outdoor adventure spot. And who doesn't want to say they've been to Rome, even if it is just the Oregonian version??   What is your quintessential Summer look? >>My quintessential look is my woven leather huaraches, cut-off black jean shorts, and an UZI top. I'm keeping my accessories simple, as I'm just going to sweat all over them anyway, so I'd say b&i General studs & Winter in the Park necklace will do the trick. Rings are outta the question because my fingers are constantly swollen from the heat (it's a hard knock life).  As far as makeup goes, I'll fake a sun-kissed look with some bronzer on my cheeks and when I'm feeling ambitious I'll put on my MAC lipstick in M'Orange. Oh, my hair--I would be tempted to chop it all off if I hadn't put three years into growing it out. Instead I'll just work the quintessential high bun.

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What a woman. Am I right? She's making me want to try buy some figs from the farmer's market, make those poptails, go on a picnic in Rome, all while rocking that orange lipstick. Did I get it all?

Hope you all have a stupendous Fourth of July!!



***Song of the moment: Dream Away by Afterglow***
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