Outfit of the Day: Barrie the Sun Goddess.

Leave it to Barrie to make hammer pants WURK. Barrie thrifted these beauties in her hometown and debuted them here in Portland, the land of "anything goes" when it comes to fashion. Let me tell ya, she is inspiring me to take out my zaniest finds and don them; no apologies, no regrets! IMG_5574 IMG_5554IMG_5563 Calm and collected as she yogas her way into warrior two pose.IMG_5568 IMG_5567


Harem (hammer) pants, thrifted

Bralette and Crocheted top by Urban Outfitters

Teal Leather Wrap sandals by Franco Sarto at Macy's

Ornament Hoop earrings by Takara (you can find these back in the betsy & iya brick-and-motar shop soon!)

Sirocco necklace by betsy & iya

Leather bangle in black & brown (available in shop) by betsy & iya

Redundant Chevron ring in brass and silver-plated by betsy & iya

Simple Sterling Silver ring (knuckle size) by betsy & iya

Arch's Shadow cuff in gray by betsy & iya

With Barrie's outfit comes liberation, y'all. Scared of wearing a skort (skirt/shorts hybrid)? I say go forth! Has that blazer with shoulder pads been hiding in your closet since the '80's? Unleash the beast. The key is to bring questionable pieces up-to-date with complimentary colors and unexpected textures, like our darling Barrie did here.

What is the world without fashion risks, anyway?

xoxox, Kelly ***Song of the Moment: U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer***
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