Item of the Week: Two Captains Hoop Earrings.

If you can believe it, this week's pick started out as scrap metal from our brass etching process. Betsy used the proportional dimensions of the cathedral park arches to determine how to shape both tips of the earring as well as the full hoop shape. And like a phoenix rising from the ashes the Two Captains Hoop earrings have shown off their brilliance and bravado--not revealing a single ounce of their resourceful upbringing. two captains   When I look at these earrings they remind me of (upside-down) rocket ships. Not the real fancy ones from NASA; I'm talking about the cartoony, 1960's version of futuristic rocket ship (specifically this one) ready to take off into space. There's a wonderful contrast between the sleek, shiny metal exterior of the rocket against the jagged moon rocks and stark black of the infinite universe. Sort of like the Two Captains sheen against the your curly, dark, textured hair. Don't these hoops also look like something you would find on Star Trek (the William Shatner series)? Yes, I think so.

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To follow along with the "Sixties Space" theme let's go with a contemporary galaxy printed skirt, crop top, giant glasses, moon shoes (in patent leather, snake skin texture... obviously), shiny clutch & jewelry to match. The cool chunkiness of the hoops will play nicely with the other flashy pieces of the ensemble. This definitely looks like an outfit that can stand a few adventures on the Enterprise. You could even, dare I say, go "where no man has gone before?" Oh yeah, I went there. Two captains hoops_Style board


Velvet Lady Top by Reif

Supernova Twirl Skirt at Modcloth

Super Duper Strength Sunglasses by Karen Walker at Summerland

Metallic Leather Cluth by Ann-Ya at Eden

Arnott Boots by Jeffrey Campbell at Solestruck

Simple Sterling Silver Rings by betsy & iya

Fremont Cuff by betsy & iya

Two Captains Hoop Earrings by betsy & iya

  Travel on, my space cadets. If the weather gets too hot imagine you're in space having a pool party on the moon. That's what I'll be doing.   Moonkisses, Barrie ***Song of the moment: As Far As I Can See by Phantogram***
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