Summer Favorites: Betsy.

This week shows off the heart and soul of betsy & iya: Betsy. Let's see what tricks this lady has up her sleeve for these sunny summer days... BETSY Favorite color for Summer >>Neon watermelon. Favorite seasonal fruit(s) and/or vegetable(s) >>Watermelon beer (from 21st Amendment brewery). And yes, beer is my summer vegetable. What song(s)/Artist(s) are on your Summer playlist? >>Tame Impala, The Dodos, LCD Soundsystem, Yellow Ostrich, Radiation City, D'Angelo, Justin Timberlake. All feel good with wind blowing through one's hair on a bike or when I'm riding around in my pretend hotrod convertible. Favorite restaurant to sit outside of >>I'm a little bit afraid to tell you this one for fear of exposing Portland's best kept secret: Skyline Tavern. I could spend all day here in the summer. Invite my love and a solid set of friends?--->I'm DONE. Favorite activity >>See above answer and add bocci ball, horses shoes, and ping pong (because they literally have all those games plus more on their patio). Hiking + nighttime bicycling + constant friend bbqs are summertime musts. Favorite Summer smell(s) >>I am horrible with names of flowers, but when I walk by a patch of (insert your favorite potent smelling vegetation), I am instantly slammed into a happy mood. Ultimate Summer vacation destination >>Portland. Ack! Is that boring? It's just that there is no place I'd rather be in the summer. This is what we slug through the rainy winter for--our summers are magical here. I wouldn't give them up for anything. It makes me anxious to even consider leaving at all. (I save all my vacations for dreary winter time blues. During that time, take me to the Greek Islands, please!!) Would you rather: 1. Spend all day at the beach and end up with a sunburn OR 2. Go camping and end up with bug bites??? >>Ready for my cheat!? I would rather go camping, find some hidden beach (with a swimming hole or the ocean or a rope swing) and come home with a sunburn AND bug bites. That's right. Did I just blow your mind? Welcome to the Pacific Northwest. Betsy, you sneaky girl! Always finding loop-holes. Oh well, since it's summer I guess we'll let it slide. Stay tuned next week, friends. Enjoy the weather!   Summerlove, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Elephant by Tame Impala***
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