Three is a Magic Number.

Two days ago, we received the letter stamps we ordered to stamp "ORIGINAL" into the backs of our original Fremont Bridge cuff.  Then yesterday, Betsy set aside some studio time after the makers clocked out for the day to start stamping. betsy & iya stamping original Fremont bridge cuffs Today, we'll file, anneal, deburr, shape, hammer, tumble, and retumble this special piece of metal and two more just like it.  If we stopped there, we'd have three finished brass Fremont cuffs.  But we're going a step further.  We're sending these three to the platers to get a heavy gold plate. Designer Betsy Cross puts on her apron That should take about a week or so.  When they come back to us, we'll hold onto them for a couple of days, take some pictures of them to share with you, and then pick names out of a hat to see who becomes their new owners. designer Betsy Cross stamps betsy & iya bridge cuff Original Fremont Bridge cuff design These are the three Limited Edition Gold Plated Fremont Bridge cuffs that we're raffling off.  If this is news to you, here's the short version of a longer story: we believe an original design of ours has been copied by an overseas manufacturer and is being distributed by a wholesale jewelry company with offices in New York.  That's the lemons part.  The lemonade is the amazing response we've had from you, our fans, our brand champions, our cheerleaders.  Your comments, tweets, and emails have been incredible to read. Betsy of betsy & iya stamping her original designs. We couldn't be happier to begin making these three special pieces for you, lucky future winners. Original Fremont Bridge cuff for raffle Original Fremont Bridge cuff for raffle2 Stay posted for winners and enter the raffle for just $5 bucks now until July 5th.   ***Song of the Moment: Three is a Magic Number, covered by Blind Melon***
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