Inspired by: Eames.

A couple weeks ago I watched a documentary on Charles and Ray Eames, two of the most influential designers of the modern & post-modern era.

"Eventually, everything connects: furniture, toys, architecture, exhibitions, photography, films..."

These words were spoken from one of the Associates at the Eames design firm quoting Charles, himself. It's an interesting concept; one so simple but unfathomable at the same time.  The first thing that comes to mind is my junior year of high school in Geology class where you learn about the Big Bang Theory and how all life and all things are made up from the elements created by stars and a bunch of other scientific stuff that I wish I remembered.... Sorry Mr. Morse (my teacher). Of course, I don't think Eames was trying to get that intense, but still, it's crazy how with so many people and ideas in the world there lies a connection. I can't fully explain what that connection is... I'm still trying to figure it out, but I believe him! In fact, just yesterday at our morning meeting the team was talking about how we were recently mentioned in Glamour Magazine--Wait. Let's talk about that for a second. Can I get a HELL YEAH!!? Way. Too. Cool. Anyway, Betsy believed that we were blessed with this awesome gift because of how everything connects: The jewelry we make, the products we carry, the people who work here, the interactions with our wonderful customers, it all creates this stellar, phenomenal, positive energy that allows amazing things to happen. That must be what happened with Eames. The two worked together "taking their pleasure seriously" working with brilliant minds, laughing, creating, and from it all they showed the world what they were capable of. I encourage you to find your pleasure and take it seriously like Eames did, only good things can come from it.   The Eames partnership and ideas were truly inspiring to learn about. If it wasn't obvious, I highly recommend this film. Inspiredlove, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Two of Us by The Beatles***  
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