Summer Favorites: Anna.

It's back! You thought it was gone, but we've still got a couple more Summer Favorites left. This week shows off the newest member of our family, Anna. Betsy and iya_ANNA Favorite color for Summer >>GOLD! I have a contest with the sun to see who can shine brighter. It's fun. Favorite seasonal fruit(s) and/or vegetable(s) >>Watermelon! Even covered in sand from the beach, it can't be beat. Later in summer, I acquire a fig problem (Kelly, you feel me). What song(s)/Artist(s) are on your Summer playlist? >>You know I have one! Aerosmith, Allman Brothers Band, Heart, Led Zeppelin, Jay-Z. Favorite restaurant to sit outside of >>I spent a lot of time on the patio at White Owl Social Club because it's big, has plenty of seating, and if it gets chilly after dark, there's a fire! (also good food & drinks) Favorite activity >>Long walks in Washington Park--Gotta take advantage of those longer days! Favorite Summer smell(s) >>Lavender & rose (wine). Ultimate Summer vacation destination >>Greece, beach, sight seeing, and eating. And more eating. (but why would anyone want to leave Portland in the summer? Can I postpone Greece until January? ;-) ). You've packed your bag for Europe, but you can only fit 3 outfits into your luggage. What did you pack? >>Oh dear God, this might be the hardest question ever. I'm terrible at packing because I love options. I would definitely bring a lightweight (but still cute) romper for daytime sight seeing + some Birkenstocks for all that walking (c'mon they're TOTALLY back! #functionalfashion), a black maxi dress + denim jacket (if it gets chilly at night) + sunglasses (all the time) + bright, big tote bag, and finally a vintage striped dress of some sort- one I could dress up or down. I'd definitely make room for a trusty chambray shirt (endless possibilities), a heck of a TON of statement jewelry to spruce up my outfits (i.e. a flask bracelet- you never know - and a goddess torso ring cuz that seems appropriate), and one pair of actually cute sandals.

***Find these pics and more on Anna's Pinterest page***

This sounds like a girl I could party with. Looks like this summer and the summers ahead are lookin' pretty good for you, Anna!



***Song of the Moment: Rag Doll by Aerosmith ***

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