Etsy x Capsule + Us!

Calling all Capsule show attendees! Thinking about carrying betsy & iya jewelry in your super cute shop?  Then boy, do we have mega exciting news to share: we have been chosen by Etsy to be one of a select few stand-out designers invited to display our jewelry at the new Etsy Wholesale marketplace division at Capsule  in NYC September 15th-17th.


Photo courtesy of Etsy

The mere thought of Etsy and Capsule combining forces to showcase the best in indie merch practically makes our wallets fall open, and since Betsy and Will won't be attending the show in person, this is a great way for us to still be represented. Given Etsy's stellar reputation (we'd give them 5 stars), this area at Capsule will be smack dab in the center of the show floor. Check out the nice writeup on the Capsule blog about Betsy's design process, inspirations, and what goes on in our little corner of NW Portland. Like what you see at the show? Feel free to contact us directly to start carrying betsy & iya jewelry. And of course, give us a shout-out on social media and let us know what you see using the official marketplace hashtag #etsyxcapsule. Living vicariously through hashtags, Anna ***song of the moment: Empire State of Mind by Jay Z***
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