Outfit of the Day: Kate's on the Prowl.

Kate just started her senior year of high school (*sniff sniff* they grow up so fast!), and of course she's stepping back into those hallways with style and ferocity. But be careful, Kate, if you're walking in with an outfit like this you'll have all the guys turning heads with their eyes doing the "up-down" while girls ooze with jealousy.


_MG_4954 Holy cat-tastic! Probably THE COOLEST belt I've ever seen. Great find, Kate!


I hope you're all taking a moment to reflect on what you wore in high school. Me? I was pretty matchy-matchy. My Hollister polo paired with my low-rise boot cut jeans (with the faded detailing on the pockets!) matched my shoes and purse. My sequin belt would match my sequin hair piece. And if at least one thing wasn't matching then I must have been severely ill and stayed home in bed. I think that was considered fashionable at the time, but looking back it now it seems pretty cheesy. Don't we all feel that way?



_MG_4965 Bow-chicka-wow-wow!!


Dress by Forever 21

Belt from 3 Penny Mercantile

Shoes & earrings borrowed from Mom

Luckily, Kate is one of the most stylish teens out there and knows how to stand out from the crowd (in a good way) and she'll never have to regret what she wore looking back years from now; especially that belt!!

What were you wearing your senior year? We're dying to know!



***Song of the moment: What Is Hip? by Tower of Power***

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