Sock of the moment: black and blue

I really like socks.  I recently found a store called sock dreams, a local store.  Two words:  Ah Oh. I have discovered this store and must keep away--the way a fat kid should keep away from cake (and I can only say this because I WAS a fat kid for a moment so I know how it feels...OKAY).  My reasoning is that a fat kid doesn't really care what she looks like so she's not really going to try and stop herself from going in for that delicious red velvet cake with cream cheese icing; however, she understands somewhere in her innocent developing mind, that she has some kind of responsibility to herself to take care of herself.  And after she eats her second...or third... or fourth piece of cake, it might not actually feel so good. Before I went to Vashon Island yesterday (pictures/post to follow), I went in for a 2nd piece of the most amazing stocking cake I've ever tasted.  In order to curb my obsession and subsequent sock weight gain, I will reveal my addiction occasionally here, through my OOTDs. Tonight's Outfit of the Day is dedicated to one element: those imperfect things that grace my sometimes not-so-rosy feet. Black.  and Blue. Oh oh how I love you. 

pretty toes.pretty toes.

(look at my little housemate poking his head in.  he's SO gonna be famous one day.  Stellan Malmstrom, he's already got the name to prove it.) ***Song of the Moment: Maps, by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs***

Group 7