Outfit of the Day: Layer Lady

Never underestimate the power of layering. 

dress, vest, skirt...too much?? NAH.dress, vest, skirt...too much??  NAH.


Here we have some large and fancy brass filigree betsy & iya earrings. The old cream colored dress with a paisley-esque pattern, straight from my favorite vintage store in town, Fringe Vintage, who now have an awesome online shop on Etsy. The sleek black vest comes from another local favorite (just down the street from my studio), Folly. square-gal fancies

Check these filigree fancies out in my shop.



colorful socks, check.colorful socks, check.

pink, orange, purple and teal socks come from some awesome shop in Arcata, California, like the Porland favorite, Sock Dreams.  The shoes---Frye boots, of course.



outside the sunny studiooutside the sunny studio


Skirt comes straight from the hands of Sarah, down the street, at Folly.  She also has an awesome new Etsy presence.  She 'em out! ***Song of the Moment: Guns are Drawn, by The Roots***
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