Little Corners.

The past few weeks have been so crazy busy for me.  Sometimes I wonder if I can really cope with it all.  And then, before I have a chance to think about it again, the thick moment of busy flurry has passed and I am breathing again,  the way I prefer---slowly and deeply.  The calm sets back in and I can reflect on how incredibly blessed my life has been. This week, I got one of my old chairs back.  My tiny studio (about 125 sq feet) has lots of great things in it.  When I was putting it all together, I found some superb vintagey chairs at one of my favorite vintage/thrift stores for furniture in town---Village Merchants on SE Division.  When I purchased the chairs, I was completely aware of how dingy the fabric was (and how uncool-in-not-a-cool-way the colors were), but I thought it would be an easy fix.  Instead, they sat in my studio for months, looking sad and poopy in all their puke pink and bruised blue glory.



happy betsy, sad chairhappy betsy, sad chair

(this is the OTHER original give you an idea of the color.  I will announce his transformation when it comes through) At some point I got a hankering to reupholster them and for a fleeting moment, I decided I was going to do it.  Luckily, 3 minutes later, I remember that a good friend, Brian from VonTundra has mad skills in departments I've never even seen.  He needed the work and I needed sexier chairs.   We both got super busy and more time went by than we had originally planned; so when he brought back the first chair this week, looking as hot as it did, I was ecstatic.



my perfect cornermy perfect corner

I immediately set it up in the corner.  Proud of his work and my space, I sat down and remembered that I do actually like to breathe.  It's Friday now; I feel like I've been sitting in this perfect tiny chair since he dropped it off on Tuesday.  I have truly missed this chair and now that we took her shopping for new clothes, I can tell she feels more at ease in the space---she feels special.  And I feel special sitting on top of her.  I love my little corner.  A place to calmly work, to reflect, and to remember how great this life can be.

A new amazing friend, Erin, from Design for Mankind sent me a package this week.  I LOVE snail mail, btw (address is listed in the contact form...ahem).  It was the sweetest thing ever.  She sent me some art, a sweet note, and her magazine (mankind mag), which is a work of art in itself.  I highly recommend going straight to the site and downloading for your own collection.



mankind magmankind mag

I moved my tiny table next to my newly dressed tiny chair and placed my new art mag on top to make my perfect new little corner.

I think we all need to find our own little corners every once in awhile.

***Song of the Moment: Go Slowly, by Radiohead***

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