I have recently had a beautiful door open in front of me:


An open doorAn open door

I wasn't certain what it was all about, but I could see that it was breathtaking.  I allowed myself to walk through, slowly, taking in all the wonder that surrounded me.  Scared and uncertain, I have loved every moment.  Green, old, rich, new, poor, perfectly balanced and perfectly out of order.

And then one day, she appeared in my open door:


pretty green angel?pretty green angel?

Introducing, Lupe the great, my amazingly talented and beautiful new intern.  WHAT!?!!  That's right, I said it.  I've met the intern of my dreams and she stands in the door in front of you.  Don't be surprised if occasionally she chimes in here (hopefully to poke fun at me and the crazy things I do) and hopefully to showcase her own OOTDs.  I am very lucky to have such a stellar woman joining me for the next few months.  And man oh man, do I need it!!!

On our first "work" day together she accompanied me to the Pittock Mansion where the photo shoot was taking place.  After we'd gotten all the pictures we wanted of my sexy jewels, the two of us snuck upstairs and took a few photos of our own in the elaborately decorated rooms.

After we laughed about something ridiculous we'd just done, I knew I had made the perfect choice.  The intern for me is the fashionable, organized goofball and Lupe fits the bill way beyond my expectations.  Here's a snapshot of me she caught before we drifted back to responsibility:

who AM I???who AM I???

***Song of the Moment: you you you you you, by The 6ths***


Group 7