Outfit of the Day: Orange Betsius

Orange BetsiusOrange Betsius

In all its ridiculousness, I kind of really love this get up.  This is another drooly (good thing)  pick from the Bargain Hunting local-store clearance show I attended at the top of February.  I saw this number and immediately fell in love.  It comes from another new favorite local designer and her flagship store: Idom.  Modi Soondarotok is the name behind the happy color designs.  She was at the crazy show herself and I was immediately taken by her genuine, down to earth awesomeness.  The price tag on this dress floored me.  Marked down to $30, it had been $235.  I DEFINITELY felt lucky to find this gal, her awesome store, and her beautiful designs.  Thank you, Susan, for making sure I wouldn't miss this gem.

Jailybird? Maybe. (look at those eyes...)Jailybird?  Maybe.

Though a little bit like a girl on the run in a fashionable prison jumpsuit; I mostly just stunned people with my sassy brightness in this one.  This is why I jazzed it up with a large and in charge black patent leather belt with itty bitty white polka dots pushing through.  On top of that I wore my mother's scarf as mentioned in a previous OOTD, which complemented the brown frye boots (yes, I'm obsessed) and the orange in the dress.  I also added textured charcoal (ish) tights.  I really think you can't go wrong with wild socks and tights.  My favorite place for things that go under your skirts and into your boots: Sock Dreams on Powell. Lastly, the jewels.

The chainy wonderThe chainy wonder

One of my first designs.  This one reminds me of something a royal woman would wear---BUT a free royal woman...like one who wouldn't wear a shirt with it...and with lots of colors, she would dance. On the ears:

wise owl earringswise owl earrings

I wore these in teal to offset the softly wild orange. 

Here are the colors to choose from: all the wise old owlsall the wise old owls

These pictures are direct links to my online shop.  These colorful wisies will be GREAT for spring (or any time you need a wise one near your ears).  Please specify the color you want in the message-to-seller section when checking out. Here is me in the studio getting ready to fill orders.  kissy poo! Unfortunately, the following picture is not a direct link to purchase.  I am not for sale:

Orange Betsius goes to work.Orange Betsius goes to work.

Wow, I look so serious in this photo.  I hope I'm gonna be okay. ***Song of the Moment: Orange Blossom Special, by Johnny Cash***

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