I killed the blueberries.

Ever since I was old enough to notice, I've been obsessed with the color purple.  My infatuation has only increased through the years, elevating it to an insanely ridiculous color love.  I don't like to wear the color so much as I like to think about it, ogle and sometimes eat it.


don't cry little ones. you will all be gone soon.don't worry.  you will all be gone soon.

Lately, I've been eating frozen blueberries as a dessert.  They're SO good.  If you haven't tried them yet, you should.  The other day, the light was so perfect shining through the window---in mid-bite, I noticed the variations of purple that had stained the perfectly white IKEA bowl.  Then I felt guilty for killing the little squishy purple things.  I decided to document the blueberry massacre in case the police needed any information.

After I gobbled the last cold squishy purples, I gazed out the window and saw this:


ahhh Portland.ahhh Portland.


Then I felt connected with the little purples coating my belly.  No remorse, just love.

Now I must show some attention to the load of sexy jewelry orders I need to send, send away to their new owners!

***Song of the Moment: All is Full of Love, by Bjork***

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