Weekend Wonder Wander.

With all of its peaks and valleys, I loved this weekend.


shower me with love: this picture taken in one of the Pittock Mansion's crazy all body spray shower.  If only I could shower in a chamber like this one.shower me with love

This could count as my OOTD, BUT I recently wore pretty much this same thing, so I'm going to let you refer to days past to get the real scoop.  I worked like a crazy woman to get enough designs ready for a show that turned out to be a bust (= valley).  But the folks over at the show (Hip Happening) are trying really hard to have an awesome show and this is just the beginning, so I see good things for their future (= peak).  After the busted show, we (I'll explain the extremely exciting plural pronoun in a follow-up post) headed to the Pittock Mansion atop Portland's beautiful West Hills on a clear Saturday evening (= double peak).  We were attending a photo shoot where I was asked to bring some fancy new designs.



new coin necklace design on a pretty modelnew coin necklace design on a pretty model

Here's one:  old coin, multi-layered gunmetal silver necklace.  I will list this in my online shop soon.  Isn't it lovely?  I brought along my new camera and pretended I was an excellent photographer myself.  It was funny trying to take photos amidst the pros; but they didn't make too much fun of me.


love this pittock red piano scenelove this pittock red piano scene

disappearing bridedisappearing bride

She has run away.  She ran away years ago.   Here she looks for the boy she really fancies.  Love is fleeting.  Love is gone.

I really like taking pictures.  I have no clue what I'm doing.  I'm hoping to take some photography lessons from a friend soon who recently moved into the most awesome house with my other friend, Jessica.  Last night, we headed over for some drink and fellowship.  Man oh man, I love friendship (the biggest peak).  It's so big and full.  Time flew by and before we knew it, all of our respective bedtimes had passed.  With failing eyelids, we hugged goodbye and began the short grueling trek to facing the week ahead.


I'm not ready to say goodbye to my weekend.I'm not ready to say goodbye to my weekend.

***Song of the Moment: Somedays, by Regina Spektor***

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