Sneak Peek: studio 101.

White?  Really?  I couldn't believe it.


...but I love it. This is just the beginning. With a little help from a genius design team and astonishingly generous husband and friends, the new space is well on its way to being far more than I could have ever built up in my active mind.


The light in this shop almost makes me cry.

My genius W turned the storage room and my heart into a functional, cozy break room.  Eat that, Ikea. (I'm not really sure why I just turned this into some kind of small space war with Ikea, but it just feels right).

Double doors welcome in my dream storage system.

W closed off the workbench with plywood, then we painted it white.  Another killer idea from kelly + olive...more storage, a cleaner look, and my front facing all the windows and  the many things I've always wanted.

Lastly, we had to say goodbye to studio 104.

Dearest 104, you mighty tiny thing you.  You paved the way, oh little one.  I know you'll do your next owner right.  I am better off because you were in my life.  Thank you for all of it.

Studio 101 is already blowing my mind.  We moved it all, painted everything white (including the old studio), put in a floor and a shipping/computing bar, and even managed to get out orders while we were at it.  Thank you SO much for your help over the last few days, family and friends.  My heart is so full of love and appreciation for you.  I cannot believe how much we accomplished in so little time.   and don't worry, you'll gain feeling back in your hands in a few days.

You better believe we're going to open with a bang.  I hope you'll all be there.  look out for opening party details in the next few weeks.


***Song of the Moment: When You Give Your Heart, by Laura Veirs***

Group 7