Things that are Cool on Friday: fresh vegetables and pregnant men.

My sweet sis-in-law gave us 4 deliveries of fresh veggies, fresh eggs, fresh bread, fresh cheese and whatever other fresh goodness local Hood River Organic farm wanted to share with us.  I was GIDDY with excitement over this generous Christmas gift.  Every two weeks when the leafy-green box arrived, I practically knocked the deliveryman over when I jumped on him with jumbled gibberish non-sentence-forming enthusiasm.  We did things with vegetables we'd never done before.  ummmm...yeah.   This is totally PG, people.  Check out the sexy geometry.

root vegetable baked fries.  parsnip fries.  what?  yes, I said, parsnip fries.  root vegetable gibberish so satisfying yum.

crispy mushroomness pods.

beat filled beet bombastic bellies

What the!?  What IS it?  anything that looks this cool MUST be good for the soul.  a little food art dance in my belly.

What??  This is what:  I love veggies and fresh pregnant men!!

A big ol' fresh Friday to you all.


***Song of the Moment: Tonight , by Lovers***



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