Our last all-staff hang set the bar high; the production team planned a private salsa dancing lesson for our group, followed by drinks and snacks. The evening was an educational (new skills!) and fun (music! moving! libations!) experience for all. This time, it was Team Office's turn to plan something, and Betsy, Will, and myself asked ourselves "what would make us feel as fab as Beyoncé and carefree as a 10 year old?" Clearly, roller skating was the answer. Oaks Park roller skating I don't know how you plan for a night of going round a rink, but this is how we do: 1. Limo: we rode to Oaks Park in maximum style, courtesy of this stretch limo. Our driver, Tony, was extremely helpful (he took this picture) and we were all happy to see him taking a few laps around the rink along with us. 2. Accessories: style is always important, and we believe that you should always dress for success. Skating is no exception, and Team Office provided glow sticks, temporary tattoos, and plenty of gold sparkle to adorn all of us accordingly. 3. Music: we specifically chose Thursday for our outing because that's the night when skaters are treated to music by a live organist- and he did not disappoint! The golden oldies and classic tunes were the perfect soundtrack to our laps. 4. Documentation: obviously, our commitment to recording everything for posterity was alive and well on sk8 night. Take a look at some of these moments below. Roller Skating at Oaks Park Portland, OR I also took some video of the action from the sidelines and mid skate (probably not my safest decision ever, but it turned out ok). [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="http://betsyandiya.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Skating.mp4"][/video] And that's a wrap on Sk8 Night 2015. With how much fun we all had, I wouldn't be surprised if round two at Oaks Park happens soon! On behalf of Team Office, until next time! -Anna