OOTD: Crop it Like it's Hot (because it is)

News if you're not in Portland: it's been realllllly hot this summer. In an effort to wear as little as possible and still be able to go out in public, we present our favorite "look hot, stay cool" solution: raw silk crop tops by Argaman & Defiance! raw silk crop top Anna S. and Barrie demonstrated just how comfy AND cool one can look sporting a crop top. I mean, if you can't mount the shoulders of your friend/support the weight of your friend, can you really consider an item comfortable? Deep thoughts, fashion edition. Clearly, these two prove that this crop top can definitely be considered comfortable. Available in-store NOW:
  • Crop tops, $48-  handmade in Chicago by Argaman & Defiance
  • Black maxi skirt, $88 and black pant, $108 both made in LA by Groceries Apparel
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