Ways to wear modern metal hair ties.

It's been nearly a year since we hosted the release party for a line of modern metal hair ties, the brain child of two rad-tastic Portland lady makers: Shannon from Caravan Pacific, and Erin of Studio ERG. Designed by Shannon and manufactured by Erin, the hair ties that we currently sell online and in-store come in two different sizes and metals (brass and copper) and have quickly become a must-have for women - and men! - about town. It's tempting to just rely on the ol' faithful ponytail when using one of these hair ties, simply because it's easy to execute and it lets the fab brass or copper color shine (literally). But we want to serve up some styling inspiration from a few people who have all shared their manes on Instagram so you can take your hair tie wearing to the next level. From your standard ponytail to the gravity defying top knot, there are endless ways to wear these hair ties and here are a few to get you started... modern metal hair tie Our former retail associate/current friend Ashley was such a great hair model! Here we see her "twist n' tuck" style set off perfectly by her copper hair tie. To get a similar look: divide hair in the front into two strands and twist them around each side of your head until they meet in the back. Form into a bun and secure in the middle with hair tie. Loosen some strands in the front to frame your purdy face. modern metal hair tie This rad do is courtesy of Daniela, a stylist at Portland's Tiger Tiger salon. This is the work of a pro, so I'll let her styling secrets stay with her (also because I have no idea how to recreate this! #bowdown). Photo courtesy of @damngerine modern metal hair tie Ah yes, the aforementioned classic pony tail. But look how much more chic it looks with the addition of a brass hair tie! Barrie shows that the annoying grow out stages don't have to look shabby; instead, use a hair tie to make a sophisticated low pony. modern metal hair tie During the event when we released the hair ties, there was a stylist onsite doing braids for people. This style was her handiwork and is giving us serious braid envy! To get a similar look: French braid two pigtails and join them together in the back of your head with a hair tie. Use bobby pins to secure the ends off your neck.  Photo courtesy of @caravanpacific hair tie for men Fellas, do not, I repeat, do not let the ladies have all the hair tie fun! We love how Justin here is embracing the trend of the man bun, and taking it to new heights with his hair tie. Photo courtesy of @hawkinsjustin modern metal hair tieShannon, designer of the hair ties, shared this snap of Celeste, also sporting a hair tie adorned top not. Photo courtesy of @caravanpacific Alright, now it's your turn! Dream up new 'dos and perfect classic styles with your hair tie. Have fun, -Anna
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