Sisterhood of the Casual Pants.

Behold, two gal pals who show up to their lunch date wearing THE SAME PANTS. Let's see what happens. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Stage one: Disbelief "Girrrrrl, you did not just roll up to this cafe wearing the same pants as me! It's like we have similar tastes or something. Friendship is crazy." "I KNOW. And I love how we decided to dress "cute n' casual" and that these pants totally fit both of our styles." Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Stage Two: Realization "Yep, I'm my version of cute n' casual, and you're your version of cute n' casual." "OMG, these are the the most perfect pants in the history of pants. Let's laugh out loud about it right now!" Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Stage 3: Acceptance (maybe) "I'm soooo glad we can LOL about this. Let's pose for a picture before we go eat. Then I'll Instagram it; the caption will just be the emoji twin girls! So. Perfect." "Haha, yes! Except, I want to Instagram it first. Technically I woke up and got dressed before you." "Ummm what are you, the alarm police? No, I WILL INSTAGRAM IT first." ...And that's our cue! We'll leave these two friends alone to work out their posting strategy in peace. But for real, how cute are these casual pants, made in LA by Groceries Apparel? Outfit deets below and it's all available in-store now! Give us a call at 503-227-5482 option 3 to purchase or ask questions. On Barrie (above left)
  • Groceries Apparel pants, $98
  • Good hYOUman cardigan, $78
  • Argaman Defiance raw silk tank top, $48
  • Matine leather bag, $270
  • betsy & iya Juntos bangles, $69 each
  • betsy & iya Colonel necklace, $89
On Sara (above right)
  • Groceries Apparel sweatpants, $98
  • Curator cardigan, $143
  • Good hYOUman t-shirt, $31.50 (on sale now!)
  • Shelter leather bag, $198
  • betsy & iya Sirocco necklace, $54
Group 7