Shwew!! (I'm back).

st(St John's Bizarre, May 2009.  Those massive earrings I'm wearing are a new pair, inspired by Sheila from Rock n' Rose.  Lookout for them in my shop SOON.)

Okay, I can't think of a better title to encompass the whirlwind that has been my life the past few weeks/months.  And then there's the past few days where I've sort of been sitting zombie-like, with my jaw dropped reflecting on all that has happened and all that is about to happen in my life.  It's like I've been hit with a frying pan and I'm seeing the pretty stars circling around my head, while blinking very slowly.


(Art Hop on Alberta Street, May 2009.  Lupe is wearing my wooden curtain rod hoops in this photo.)


(The colors always draw people to our booth.)


The last two street shows have been the best we've ever done.  The weeks leading up, I basically made jewelry until my fingers bled.  And now I must prepare for the Rose Festival (I'm selling with Handmade NW right on Waterfront Village!!!)  and then comes...New York!!  That's right, NYC friends, I'll be at a MASSIVE show at the end of June, for 5 days!!  I am also planning on hitting up some NY stores to try and get in long term.  Any suggestions??

Stay tuned, I've gotten some great suggestions on this blog and I intend to tune in more often than I have as of late.  I think I just needed to break for a second.  One thing that's for sure---you all love the Outfits of the Days!!  This actually really cracks me up, because even though I love playing dress up, I feel a bit like a fashion impostor.  Maybe that's why you love it so?---it does truly make me giggle sometimes.

Lookout for upcoming OOTDs.  Tomorrow's might be my favorite of the month.  Here's a teaser.  I like to call this photo:  Locker Butt.  (I'll explain tomorrow).


***Song of the Moment:  1-2-3-Apple Tree, by Herman Dune***

Group 7