Outfit of the Day: Gunne Sax and me.

I'll let this one speak for itself.


Oh goodness, I feel so down-home!!


Yeah, I'll be there in a sec, just have to saddle up!


Uh...anyone know where I could get some good whiskey in this town???!  Maybe Crow Bar on Mississippi? ...but I certainly know where you can get some beautifully cheeky earrings:  betsy & iya (just like the LOVE ones pictured).


And that, my friends, is exactly how I feel today.

Vintage dress:  The Red Light.

Vintage (perfectly colored blue) slip: Tumbleweed.

Frye Boots (duh): Johnny Sole

Big LOVE earrings: betsy & iya

***Song of the Moment: Little Bit, by Lykke Li***

Group 7