Outfit of the Day: Superhero Blue.


I truly love today's outfit.  But really, it would be nothing without this belt:


This belt, straight from Fringe Vintage (one of my most favorite vintage stores in town), truly transforms any outfit I pair with it.  I can't help but feel like a superhero when I put it on.  ---with every outfit.  So today, I'm superhero blue.


I'm telling you, accesorizing is the key.  Especially in the midst of this recession hole.  Wanna save money while boosting your economy?  Shop local and accessorize your life.


These betsy & iya Coin Drip earrings are my newest and most favorite design right now.  If you're the matching type, they'd go perfectly with the other new hottie, the Coin Goddess necklace.  (You can click on the picture and the links provided and they will direct you to the listing.)

Shirt: Men's American Apparel undershirt.

Boots: Frye.

Jeans: Clearance Anthropologie washed out goodies.

As previously promised, I give you the "Locker Butt" story.  When I was in middle school ...(slash:  when goofy ol' me first became aware of the opposite sex), I had a special pair of jeans in which I felt particularly happy about the appearance of my butt.  When I would face my locker, transfering books from my bookbag to the locker and vice versa, I would hold my butt up in a shelf-like manner that enhanced it to its fullest potential.  Not that it got me any kisses or anything, but it gave me a silly confidence---my own little secret--- and a good story to tell.  Only I knew why my butt looked so good in those jeans...everyone else just wondered silently, as they passed by my locker.  (at least, that's what I told my 12 year old self).  I admitted to it years later and it's become a family favorite story amongst new friends.  It's best when you can actually see me act it out.  RIdiculous. I'll leave y'all with that.  HAPPY WEEKENDS TO YOU!!! xoxo -betsy ***Song of the Moment: Fat Bottomed Girls, by Queen***
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